5 Benefits Of Choosing Solid Wood Furniture

Albert Howard

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5 Benefits Of Choosing Solid Wood Furniture

There is something timeless about wooden furniture. Whether it is the style factor or the actual durability of the material, wooden furniture continues to be the choice in many homes today. Historically, powerful monarchs who could afford to hire bespoke artists would display the level of their wealth through expansive carvings on their furniture. These would often be displayed in their homes and offices to welcome guests and show their status. While today the reasons are more driven by comfort, style and durability, top brands like Wakefit continue to produce wooden furniture that any home would want to display for the same reasons and more.

If you are wondering why you choose wooden furniture, read on to learn how wooden furniture for your living room and home can work for you. Read on to know the 5 benefits of wooden furniture:

  • Durability

Hands down, nothing comes close to wood when it comes to durability in furniture. Wooden furniture lasts for many years with little maintenance requirement as opposed to alternative materials. Whether it’s spills on a dining table or scratches on chairs in the sitting room, wood can take up daily wear and tear without losing its charm or finish.  Different types of woods offer more strength and durability, like hardwood which stems directly from denser trees. Softwood, on the other hand, is lighter, offering similar strength. They also grow faster than denser trees, making them the most cost-effective. In addition, the richness and unique natural texture and design of wooden furniture make it a timeless classic for any era!

  • Unique

Almost like the human fingerprint, each piece of wood has a small variation. The subtle differences come in the thickness and direction of each grain, making it a unique combination. Want your bookshelf wooden design to stand out? Pick a solid Wakefit Brooks Sheesham Wood Bookshelf that’ll add character with its rich colour and unique grain design. Store the books and display colourful pieces on the shelf to create an eye-catching piece of furniture that will age gracefully with you.

  • Sustainable

Unlike other materials like plastic, wood is absolutely sustainable. Softwoods can be replenished continuously as they take less time to grow. Softwood can even last up to 60 years if given the right treatment! Softwood is also non-toxic, low cost, durable and easy to recycle.  Using recycled wooden furniture can reduce carbon footprint, too, while preserving natural resources for the future. 

Wood is environmentally friendly and has a positive impact on the mental health of the dweller using wooden furniture. The entire look and feel of the furniture piece gives are cosy, classy and stylish for years to come. 

  • Versatile

No matter the design, theme and colour scheme of your living space, the wooden furniture can fit right in. Whether for beautiful centre table designs or as an aesthetic bookshelf snug in a corner, it just pops right out in a subtle yet charming way. If eclectic is your style sense, mix and match different types of wood in your living space, adding a pop of colour using the best fabric sofa sets that go with the theme. 

  • Personalise and Customise

Whatever the finishing you want for your furniture, get the result with wooden furniture. Whether staining the wood for the perfect colour choice or a varnish finish, wooden furniture receives these treatments well and instantly uplifts the overall look. Doing this does not remove the original feel of the material and, in fact, can even act as a barrier preventing rot. 

In addition, wooden furniture gives you the option to personalise with carvings or customise based on the function as well. A classic example is a tv stand with drawers that’s not only aesthetic as a focal point in a living room but is also functional with additional drawers and storage space. Brands like Wakefit offer practical options that marry the best of both worlds- aesthetic beauty and modern functionality. Organise your daily entertainment behind solid TV unit doors that are elegant on the outside and a deep storehouse inside. 

Wooden Furniture- A Self-Speaking Story

Having solid wood furniture in your home is much like a story being told. Its earthy colour tone, texture, and solidness speak a thousand words as it stands tall in your living space. Whether it is a sideboard cabinet for the living room or simple wooden shelves for the living room, it remains a timeless classic owing to its durability, versatility and craftsmanship.  Store away tidbits that you want to hide behind smooth wooden doors or display your most beloved pieces on wooden shelf tops to be the best conversation starter just yet, in your living room. 

Invest in wooden furniture today and avail many years of comfort, sophistication and elegance in the comfort of your home.