6 Major Housing Market Prediction for 2023

Albert Howard

6 Major Housing Market Prediction for 2023


According to many Real Estate Agents, Location is the most significant thing in the real estate market. When it comes to the process of buying & selling real estate, market timing is another very decisive factor. The time you choose to go in the buying and selling process will decide the future & return on investment. These predictions are made based on experience, market trends, the approach of the buyer & seller, and previous track record. These real estate predictions will help all those new participants of real estate who are new & also for those who are looking for mature advice and honest opinion. DNT Home buyers is a well-reputed home buying company. Probably the best available option to sell my house fast in NJ. 

Excellent Job Opportunities & Low Unemployment Rate 

Due to the pandemic, several businesses shut down, and people were in their homes. Federal reserves played a vital role in getting people out of the crisis. The government provides stimulus cheques and business loans that don’t have to be paid back. 

The workforce is not available in some jobs. Employers were compelled to pay more to grab the attention of laborers. Several countries opened their borders to travelers & tourists. Due to continued wage growth, there is a prediction of a low unemployment rate. 

Mortgage Rate expected to be over 6%

Usually, the mortgage rate always remains below 5% in previous years. It is expected to cross the benchmark of 5% for the first time. If FED did not involve in the central bond-buying process and no one replaced him, then there might be a possibility of higher interest rates to grab the attention of the investors. The majority of the people preferred adjustable rates on mortgages and lowered costs as well. 

In other words, we can say that mortgage rates depend on the investors & their behavior. Investors buy mortgage back securities MB, s & bonds only in that case when they retain the confidence & expect a better return on Investment. If investors feel they can get better returns somewhere else, they prefer to invest in stocks & Real estate.   

Home Prices are Continued to Rise

The one reason for slowing down housing market is the increase in interest rates. The real estate industry suffered due to the demand & supply issue from 2021. The reason behind increasing prices is because of the low-interest rate of 2021. 

There are a lot of people who worked from home during pandemics. As a result, several employees are doing highly paid tech jobs, and they have the convenience of performing their tasks at their homes. Remote work is also a great source of reducing costs. There is a prediction of rising home prices and rents & these hikes in prices will accommodate those willing to pay the high fee.                             

Buyers will prefer adjustable Mortgage Rates.

Home prices have been increased overall, but due to a large number of Millennials, households’ needs fulfilling impressively. They are financially independent and well-educated and prefer to deal with fixed-rate mortgages for a specific period and adjustable rates for the remaining time. 

If I belong to this generation & want to sell my house fast in NJ, I prefer the adjustable mortgage rates. There is a reason behind that; many young people can’t stay in the place for more than ten years. So flexible mortgage rates are more convenient than paying a fixed mortgage for 30 years.

Increase in the Rental Prices & Number of Renters

A large number of Millennials need houses because their population is increasing day by day. It is expected that rents and the number of renters will also be increased. Shortage of supply creates an impact on prices. Stability in demand and supply is a way forward for a balanced situation in the market. 

Rents & home prices will rise even with higher interest rates. Due to these high prices, one-third of income goes into rent and bills. This situation is worst because of labor & material, and energy costs. Planning offices are suffering after the pandemic.  

Remote Working will Increase

Apart from other memories of 2020, it is considered as the banner year of remote working. Due to pandemics, different organizations started planning for remote work. We live in a digital world, and because of technological advancement, remote work experience has gone very well. 

After successfully executing the remote work, companies have shifted their employees to remote work and saving their costs as well. According to a few researchers, 16% of companies have been running fully remote globally. It is not only a cost-saving but also a pleasure for an employee to work efficiently at his home and get rid of the hectic process of going and leaving from office.   


We discussed the predictions for the housing market for 2023. These predictions are made based on facts and analysis. All scenarios and possible outcomes are discussed in detail to give a broader picture to the people to make an informed decision. 

FAQ Section 

Question. What is the reason for the continuous increase in home prices in 2021?

Answer. The reason for the increase in home prices in 2021 is the lowest interest rate & large number of Millennials; an increase in demand also impacts the costs. 

Question. What is the average mortgage rate? 

Answer. The average mortgage rate is 5 % OR below. 

Question: What will be the situation of inflation till 2023? 

Answer: Inflation will remain high even with the FED, s 2 % target. 

Question: How many job openings are expected in the coming years? 

Answer. Almost 11 million job openings are expected.