5 Benefits of Online Learning to Early Childhood 

Rohan Mathew

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In modern times, parents are considering online learning methods for early childhood education. They prefer this set up because of the accessibility and variety of learning materials offered online. The parents also have an opportunity to bond with their children during this early age. Recently, the preference for early learning online increased immensely this time of the pandemic. Through its advantages, it seems that online learning methods for children are appreciated now by many.

Here are some benefits of online learning to early childhood:

Manageable Learning Pace 

Online learning methods allow the child to learn and develop at their speed. Unlike in traditional schools, the children are expected to learn lessons and complete their tasks with a limited time regardless of what activity it is. For example, the child wants to do arts in the morning and alphabet or puzzles in the afternoon. The child will be free to choose the learning activity for the hour, depending on their motivation at the moment. This is the reason why most children of this age enjoy more individualised education.

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More Learning Activities Options to Offer 

Learning activities online are designed and programmed to be more interactive, creative, and engaging for early childhood. Aside from watching on video streams like Youtube and Netflix, selected learning activities created in the educational platforms for early learning online are aligned to the curriculum for early childhood. It also covers the basic skills needed for the children to develop during this stage. 

Developing the Love of Learning 

Passion for learning is different from motivation to learn because of receiving academic merits. The traditional learning environment has a meriting process for excellent children, such as giving star stamps or a happy face sticker. In the online learning method, their rewards are rare because it is individual education. There is no room for comparison.  

Parental Bond Through Learning Together 

There is a high involvement for parents in online learning for early childhood education. They act as their children’s learning coach. With that, there is no need to attend a parent-conference. The parents here can directly witness each milestone of their student-child in education. The parent-child bond during this time grows and strengthens as the learning also progresses. Only the parent can influence their children’s behaviour directly.

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Comfortable Learning Environment 

The virtual learning environment creates a more comfortable and productive area for the children. There are less to no distractions from other children, so they are focused on the learning activity being done. Children are also not forced to sit on the armed-chair and stand up each time to speak up. Early childhood is the stage to develop the independence of the child. Letting them grow to a structured environment will not allow them to be creative and free. It deprives them to discover their learning style to deal with academics.  


Online learning is beneficial to family set-ups that are adaptive to technology and has more time for the children. It is also appropriate for advanced learners because they can explore more enrichment activities that traditional school does not offer. At the same time, it also aids learners who have special needs that require full-time attention and engaging activities for concentration. Nevertheless, the choice is always with the parents. Knowing the needs, interest, and skills of the children will make online learning effective and worth trying.