Top 5 Benefits of Writing on Paper

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We Are Going To List 5 Benefits of Writing on Paper In This Article

With the growing use of technology, everything has gone become digital. There is an app for ordering food, listening to music, writing notes, and reading books. But, the old fashioned way of writing with pen and paper is still very much popular. Even though typing has replaced writing with hand on a large scale, many people still enjoy using the traditional way. While taking notes in a lecture, writing a birthday card for someone, or while noting an important message, writing on paper will always be popular.

So, what are the benefits of writing on paper? Why do people still love following the old school method when there are thousands of app flooding your app store? Writing on paper is considered time off from your regular digital world.

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Benefits of Writing on Paper

It boosts your creativity and also improves your overall productivity. There are some clear benefits of writing with pen and paper. They say that the pen is mightier than the digital world. Benefits of Writing on Paper Mentioned Below In Detail

5 Benefits of Writing on Paper

List Of 5 Benefits of Writing on Paper Given Below

  1. It Helps you Focus

Technology has made our lives much easier. It helps us connect with our loved ones and stay updated with news and other world affairs. But, when it comes to typing on your laptop or on the phone, you are always distracted. Thanks to the endless message notifications on your tab or phone, it becomes difficult to concentrate when you are working.

If you are on your laptop, you may get e-mails or a link to a website that leads you to another website and so on. It is a never-ending maze that you may unknowingly get stuck and become a victim of distractions. Research shows that an average user touches his phone more than 2,000 times in a day. Therefore, you should take a digital break and get to writing on paper. You could purchase luxury pens or other fancy materials to make your wiring more interesting.


  1. It Makes Learning Better

Many educators bank upon the fact that typing and writing are associated with cognitive learning. However, writing on paper aids learning. Students learn better and recall things faster when writing on paper. Research done between students who typed versus students who took down notes on a paper after watching an inspirational leader’s video had varied results. The students who typed had longer notes typing word to word from the video. Whereas, students who wrote on paper had crisp and precise notes which shows that they actually put some thought while writing notes.

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  1. It is Important for Goal Setting

While setting a goal for the day or the next week or month, it is important to turn to write on paper with a pen. When you write your goals on apps or type them on the computer, it does not consume as much energy as writing on paper. When you write them on paper, you will have it in front of you all the time giving you constant reminders. When you stick handwritten goals at prominent places, you will work more and more to reach that goal. This Is One Of The Benefits of Writing on Paper

  1. It Helps for Brainstorming and Ideas

A lot of successful people think by writing on a paper. It gives more clarity to your thought and also boosts your creativity. When you actually jot down your ideas on a paper, there are more chances of your idea of getting a visual appearance. It is also easier to explain your ideas to your team when you have it all written. Most successful writers also prefer to use pen and paper to draft their stories. No technology or apps can replace the beauty of writing your own words on a paper. Writing on a paper is very personal and inspiring while blocking out the distractions from the rest of the world.

  1. It Helps you Remember Things

When you want to remember something, the easiest way is to write it down. Even if you are someone with an elephant’s memory, there comes a point in your life when you have to refer to some written material. While there are many apps that help us remind about events, meetings, or important things, a written note is much more effective.

Also, when writing on a paper, you can use different symbols, annotations, etc. and can quickly jot down things without having to select or deselect a tool. A notebook is like your most reliable friend when you are traveling and come across something interesting. A pen and paper allow you to note these things down when a phone is dead or the battery runs out.

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There is nothing like a pen and paper when you are traveling on a train or a bus and want to take down some important notes that could turn into a big idea later. So, no matter where technology takes the world, nothing will replace a good paper and pen.

We Had Successfully listed 5 Benefits of Writing on Paper