5 Best Movies to Watch on Disney Plus this New Year

Rohan Mathew

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Holiday Season is the time of the year when you get the chance to get away from your hectic routine and relax with your friends and family. Be it Christmas or New Year, parties and get togethers are the best things to plan in these days.

If you are planning a family reunion and looking out for the movies that you can watch with your family this season, then you have come to the right place. O have listed 5 best movies available of Disney Plus for this Holiday Season that you will love. 

In case Disney Plus is not available in your region then you can always opt for a VPN that Unblocks Disney Plus from anywhere. They will help you in watching these amazing movies from any region. 

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Alright, without further ado, lets get to it! 

  • Mulan

Mulan is the story of a brave young woman who disguises herself to save his father from serving in the Imperial Army and battles the northern invaders in China. 

Bori Khan is the leader of the invading army who fights alongside a witch. To stop them, the Emperor orders to assemble an army in which a man from every family has to volunteer. However, there is no man in Mulan’s family except for her old father. To protect the dignity of her family and to save her father, she disguises as a man and joins the army. 

  • Avengers: Endgame

This was the final installment of the Avengers franchise and if you have not seen it yet, then you are missing the best. In the Avengers Infinity War, Thanos wiped away half of the population of the world by snapping his figures. However, the remaining Avengers must come together to stop Thanos and bring back the ones that they have lost. 

Avengers Endgame is filled with action, drama, emotion and twists that will leave you awestruck. 

  • Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

Timmy, an 11-year old boy who thinks that he is the best detective in town and he starts off an agency with his imaginary best friend; a polar bear. It is a comedy movie that debuted on Disney+ this year and it was directed by Tom McCarthy. This film is based on the book series by the same name written by Stephen Pastis. It is a movie that you will love to watch along with your family this holiday season. 

  • Black is King

The famous American singer Beyoncé has come up with a new musical film and visual album directed, written and produced by her. This movie is a sort of a visual partner of The Lion King: The Gift Album that came out in 2019, which was curated by Beyoncé for the Lion King (2019) movie. 

The plot of the story is about a young African prince who was exiled from his kingdom after his father’s death. As the prince grows older, he follows into a journey of self-exploration with the help of his ancestors guidance and the intuitions in his sub-conscious. 

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  • Noelle

Noelle is an amazing comedy film that you have to watch this holiday season, especially if you can on Christmas. When the preparations for the Christmas are at its peak, the death of Santa Claus leaves his son to fill in his boots. However, the son does not feel if he is fit for the role and he runs away. 

So Noelle, the sister of the newly appointed and AWOL Santa, goes all the way to Phoenix, Arizona, in order to find her brother and bring him back to the elves town.