The Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases That Occur Today

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The Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases That Occur Today

You never know when you might find yourself hurt due to someone else’s negligence. In fact, unintentional injuries account for 39.5 million physician’s appointments each year. Another 24.5 million people have to visit an emergency room. 

Meanwhile, about 173,040 unintentional injury deaths and 39,433 unintentional fall deaths occur each year. Unintentional injury deaths rank third among causes of death.

Not every situation is the same, though. Here are five personal injury cases you might consider pursuing in the future. 

Understanding the different types of personal injuries could help you recognize you have a case. Then, you can contact the best law firm in town. Read on to learn more about personal injury lawsuits today.

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  1. Auto Accidents

About six million car accidents occur in the US each year. As a result, about 3 million people sustain injuries. Another 2 million people develop lasting injuries.

There are different types of personal injury cases that fall under the category of auto accidents, though. For example, auto accidents can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles, rideshare drivers, and pedestrians.

You could sustain a head injury or develop internal bleeding. 

If you were recently in an auto accident, make sure to call a local attorney right away. You can reach out to the lawyers at to file your claim.

  1. Medical Malpractice

When you visit a doctor, you expect them to uphold a certain standard of care. Their negligence might cause you to develop injuries. In fact, medical errors are one of the top causes of death in the US.

Different types of personal injuries can occur due to medical malpractice. These cases can involve surgical, medication, and pharmacy errors. Failure to treat, misdiagnosis, and birth errors fall under this category, too. 

  1. Workplace Accidents

If you’re injured while at work, file a claim under the Worker’s Compensation Act. Under the act, you’re obligated to coverage and benefits. These benefits should cover your lost wages and medical bills.

  1. Premise Liability

If you trip and fall while on someone else’s property (a restaurant, mall, store, etc.), consider filing a claim.

Make sure to gather evidence before you leave the premises. For example, you might want to take photos of what caused your injuries. Perhaps there was an exposed wire or uneven flooring. 

  1. Product Liability

A product could cause you to sustain injuries as well. Different types of personal injury cases that involve product liability include:

  • Foods
  • Vehicle parts
  • Children’s products and toys
  • Consumer products
  • Toxic materials
  • Medical devices, drugs, and medications

Make sure to contact the best law firm in town. They can get these products off the shelves before someone else gets hurt. Then, you can fight for compensation to cover your losses and damages. 

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State Your Case: 5 Types of Personal Injury Cases to Consider

Do these types of personal injury cases sound familiar? Consider contacting a local attorney right away. They can help fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

With their help, you can maximize your claim to cover your losses. 

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