5 Best Religious Monuments in the World

Rohan Mathew

People of different religions have constructed monuments, temples, and sculptures to honor their idols in history. Spiritual locations for worship, certain religious monuments are mind-boggling given the massive size and the effort required to build them. 

From the largest religious monument in the world, which depicts 128-meters of outstanding Buddha statue, to the oldest, which was sculpted out of stones over 1,000 years ago, here are 5 magnificent memorials to religious figures which will leave you stunned.

  • Christ the Redeemer 

The most renowned monument of Jesus in the world, at 38 meters high, is the third-highest, as other comparable sculptures constructed to mimic Christ the Redeemer exceeded it in stature. It is situated in Rio de Janeiro, on the top of Corcovado Hill at the height of 700-meter, and it faces the city of Janeiro. 

It has been a sacred symbol across the world since this was completed in 1931. Other design ideas for it depicted Christ carrying a world in his hands, but the one with outstretched arms was ultimately picked because it represents peace.

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  • Spring Temple Buddha

The Spring Temple Buddha, situated in the eastern Chinese province of Henan, is the world’s largest statue as it stands at the height of 128 meters.  When you consider the 25-meter base shaped like a lotus, the statue’s size becomes much more astounding.

It almost took 11 years to construct, from 1997 to 2008, and the statue is made up of around 1,100 copper components. A Buddhist monastery surrounds it. The name is derived from a local hot spring with healing properties.

  • Leshan Giant Buddha

The world’s largest monument constructed before the modern era and biggest stone Buddha symbol, the statue stands at the convergence of three rivers in Leshan, China.

It took over 100 years to construct, beginning in 713, and in 1996 it was declared as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The Leshan Giant Buddha stood 71 meters tall and was sculpted from a huge red stone mountain. 

  • Lord Shiva Statue

It is the world’s second-largest statue of Lord Shiva and is situated in the town of Murudeshwar on India’s western coast. The monument, which stands 37 meters tall, is the centerpiece of the main temple and was constructed in two years by a great Indian philanthropist. 

The entire complex is built on an island that is bordered by the Arabian Sea. The monument had four arms and was coated in gold to sparkle in the sunlight, but the harsh environment in the location swept off one hand and cleared away the paints.

  • Guan Yin

Guan Yin, the world’s fourth-largest religious monument, is a representation of the Buddhist deity of mercy that measures 108 meters tall. The monument has three facets; one pointing towards China and the other two are faced towards the sea. 

Each facet has a distinct stance, but they all signify prosperity and defense for China and the rest of the globe. After about six years of construction by up to 100 Monks from various nations, notably Taiwan and Macao, the monument was finished in the year 2005.