How new businesses can use coupon codes in the initial days of business?

Rohan Mathew


When you start a business, no matter whether it is small or big, attracting customers is never a cakewalk. And who still believes that retaining customers is easier for big brands and established businesses? Because honestly, it is not!

Everybody is trying different techniques to fetch more customers to their business, even the giants of the industry are constantly searching for something innovative.

You never know which marketing tactic would work wonder for your new business. But one thing that will always work is rewarding your new customers for their first purchase from your business.

What’s better than coupon codes to reward your new as well as existing customers!

In the beginning of your business journey, you might be afraid to offer discount to your customers on your product and services thinking that it would reduce your profits.

But the fact is that the right plan and strategies can improve your product’s sales and profit as well. Here’s a fact! People really love discount coupons and also they tend to go back to the same business store or retailer which provides them with the coupons.

Try the following tips to make the most of your coupon codes strategy.

An unforgettable offer

What’s the use of a coupon code if the customer can’t utilize it for the product of their choice? Therefore, brands and businesses need to prepare their coupon code strategies according to the demand of the people.

So, basically as a business owner you need to do proper research, evaluate, and understand the market before you come up with any new coupon codes strategy. You can try coupon codes that offers free delivery or a big discount on the first order for each customer.

Do more than just attracting customers

As a new brand, your objective might be to entice more new customers, but understand that your coupons should not be a one-time thing. In a way, coupons can help you build trust and loyalty with the customers.

For example – You can offer deals and discounts to your existing customers in the form of coupon code deals.

Make use of email marketing and send promotional messages to the public from your email list.

Periodic deals are the key to success

It is true that coupons are an amazing tool to maintain customer satisfaction. But giving away too is not good either. Don’t offer so frequently that the customers never pay the complete amount of the product or service.

Making a habit of periodic promotions and offers will help you as a business and also the customers to understand the pattern of your offerings, how and when you offer the deals to them, and they will stick to you and wait for the deals from your side. This way you can increase your sales too.

Lastly, make a coupon deal that looks like a once in a while opportunity.

Let customers know that it is a limited offer deal

Your coupon deals should always come with a deadline in my opinion. The words “expires on…” or “use it before” have a different kind of magic. It compels the person use the coupon as soon as he can and get the product.

This thing makes your coupon code strategies successful as massive usage of your coupons happen in real.

But make sure to clearly mention that how, when and for what duration the coupon would be valid. Don’t put your customers in a situation where they apply the code, and the code gets rejected because it expired some days earlier than what they expected.