5 Breathtaking, Unique Diamond Necklaces For Dinner Parties

Rohan Mathew

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5 Breathtaking, Unique Diamond Necklaces For Dinner Parties

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, why not? It indeed is. How beautifully it slips in the grace and charm of a lady adding on to her glamour and making her look shinier. These intricate and tempting sparkles spruce up any ensemble making you look enchanting and a sight to be held. Diamonds glitter a little more when they are from New World Diamonds as they are created not found!

Lab diamond growers are well known for their innovative methodology involved in the creation of these precious stones. You must know for a fact that diamonds are usually found in igneous rock and alluvial deposits and it takes billions of years for diamond formation. But have you heard of creating diamonds? No, let me take you through a diamond ride!

Known as ethical or CVD Diamonds, these diamonds are lab grown diamonds as they are created inside a laboratory using extensive heat and pressure and are polished and cut to perfection. Curated by professionals with years of experience, these diamonds are brilliantly shaped and retouched to adorn you!

So if you’re all set to explore some elegant lab-grown diamond pieces, let’s get started. We’ve listed below the top 5 diamond necklaces suitable for every occasion, especially for parties. Let’s dive right in. 

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  1. The Jillian Necklace

White Gold Necklace: A colorful blue, pink, and white lab-grown diamond necklace serves you a timeless regal look. This multicolored necklace is a perfect charm that accentuates your beauty leaving behind an unforgettable spark. Crafted in 14k white gold this beautiful bib style necklace shimmers in different colors that look ethereal and mesmerizing.

  1. The Star Necklace

The Star Necklace accommodates seven dazzling stars held to a chain to adorn your neck. These stars are stationed at the center of the 18-inch necklace that brings delight to your casual or party attire. These stars at the center of the necklace look chic and sophisticated. Polished to perfection, this chic piece complements your casual or party ensemble and makes you a stunner.

  1. Bedazzling Diamond Neckwear

Own your femininity with this queenly necklace that will make you fall in love with it at first sight. Bedazzling Diamond neckwear is as dazzling as it sounds and can be your perfect match for an evening party. Made for the lady that you are, this piece celebrates femininity in a sparkling way. Whether it is a cocktail party or a dinner date, cast your charm on whoever you come across.

  1. Enticing Floral Bliss Gold & Diamond Neckwear

A luxury you would want to aim for. This simple yet stunning & enticing piece is as delicate as you are. Wrap it around your neck to add oomph to your elegance and leave a trail of glitter and sparks. Diamonds settled in gold to form a floral shape makes this piece about beauty, versatility and heirloom quality. 


  1. The Rayna Necklace

The Rayna Necklace is a multi-layered bold and glamorous chain necklace. This enchanting piece is a three-strand braid style that makes it a sheer embellishment on your scintillating spark.

New World Diamond has a wide range of splendid jewelry collections that are tailor-made for the gorgeous lady that you are. Be it a wedding or bash, New World Diamonds necklaces are your perfect match as they are as imperial as you are.

So what’s next? Now that you have almost felt that vicarious thrill of owning these stunning necklaces, we would recommend you to do your research and browse through stunning diamond jewelry to discover the treasure that will make you go ga ga over the enticing pieces. Lab grown diamond jewelry is so stunning that I bet you will have a tough time selecting your ideal one. It’s time for you to shop. Happy Shopping!