5 Business Skills That Are In-Demand Today

Rohan Mathew

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5 Business Skills That Are In-Demand Today

There is no getting away from the fact that every individual is talented in doing one thing or the other. But not all talents are equally sought-after. When you submit your resume for a job, employers tend to look for certain skills before calling you for an interview. These skills do not always remain the same. They keep changing from time to time. These days, organizations are giving high priority to a candidate who possesses the following skills.

  • Social Media Management

Companies are hunting for the social media managers like anything. These professionals help businesses reach their target audience via different social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Becoming a social media manager requires you to wear multiple hats. From drafting reports for customers to promptly answering followers in the comment section, every social media manager performs multiple responsibilities. Therefore, to begin with, you must be good at communication skills. Social media accounts are typically considered as the voice of a brand. This is the platform where you can connect with your customers actively. This means you must be able to switch topics and engagingly talk to customers. As you advance in your career, you might lead a team. Since communication and team-leading are regarded as MBA skills, you should consider getting enrolled in a quality MBA program. 

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  • Mobile App Development

As mobile devices like smartphones and tablets become the center of communication and work, the mobile app development industry continues to grow. App developers are in high demand because of the rapid growth in technology and business development. According to a well-documented study, the size of the mobile application market is likely to cross a whopping 407 billion dollars by 2026. 

Arguably, the best thing about being a mobile developer is that you do not necessarily need to work for a tech company. After you have acquired the skills, you can create apps independently for yourself. Because technology and visual aesthetics are constantly changing, you will also need to maintain and expand the app after you have created it. After some time down the road, you could also start your app development venture and work for yourself. Unlike in the past, becoming an app developer is relatively easier nowadays. It is because you have easy access to resources such as guides and video tutorials. What is more, some of them do not even cost you a dime.

  • Project Management 

Project management involves leading a team to meet goals and adhere to deadlines from the beginning of a project until its completion. Project managers are highly sought after because they can work in almost any industry. In other words, they have a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing their career paths. Here are four industries that are currently right up there as far as the hiring opportunities for project managers are concerned: 

  • Healthcare: It is safe to say that the healthcare industry is booming worldwide. Project managers are in high demand due to the rapid growth of healthcare globally. As things stand now, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies are restructuring and expanding to meet unprecedented demands. You could work as a project manager in the healthcare sector, specializing in process development and data management.
  • Information Technology (IT): The mention of IT should not come to you as any surprise. This is a crucial industry in keeping all the businesses up and running. IT managers play a vital role here. As an IT manager, you might be at the helm of affairs, such as managing large-scale technology infrastructure deployments or leading the development of AI and AR solutions.
  • Construction: Construction has seen a boom as the global population continues to grow. The best news for project managers is that this industry is recession-proof. Broadly put, construction and infrastructure projects are needed in any economic environment. Construction project managers are more dependent on organizing skills than other industries. 
  • Cybersecurity

Recently, many data breaches have been in the news exposed millions of Americans’ personal information, including usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. Even the most powerful companies around the globe could not safeguard their customers’ confidential data. 

Among other reasons, cybersecurity is becoming a top priority because most businesses cannot afford to have a data breach. A study reveals that data breaches cost businesses on average 3.62 million, which can be enough to put many companies out of business once and for all. Data breaches have increased rapidly, as well as the costs of cybercrime around the world. That is precisely why all companies are hiring cybersecurity experts, regardless of their size. No wonder why the cybersecurity industry has a zero percent unemployment rate. These jobs are technically demanding, but they are not only for the information technology industry. 

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  • Blockchain

Blockchain is a promising technology that can solve complex problems for businesses. As a result, organizations are rapidly incorporating this technology, creating an abundance of job opportunities for blockchain experts. According to Glassdoor, there was a staggering 300 percent increase in demand for blockchain-based jobs in 2019 compared to 2018. Some of the best jobs for blockchain experts are as follows: 

  • Blockchain developer: Programmers who develop blockchain applications are known as blockchain developers. Before becoming blockchain developers, they typically have to grasp JavaScript, C++, and Python.
  • Blockchain quality engineers: These professionals are responsible for designing, assigning, connecting, and maintaining blockchain solution components. This includes working with team experts like network administrators, UX designers, developers, etc.
  • Blockchain project manager: This person is responsible for connecting blockchain projects with experts responsible for developing Blockchain solutions. The skills required to manage blockchain projects must be comparable to those of traditional (cloud) project managers. To fully understand the technology, they must also master the technical aspects. Excellent communication skills are equally important.

You might have gone through various stories highlighted about the lack of jobs. Though they may not be entirely wrong, you can pull off a pretty rewarding career by offering employers exactly what they are looking for. Learning the skills listed above will make sure you excel professionally.