5-crucial criteria your business phone system should meet

Rohan Mathew

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A good business phone system can be thought of as one that meets your clients’ needs, suits your business model and is easy to use internally. But there are many other aspects to consider when choosing the best system for your business. Here are 5 key criteria that we think you should consider when choosing a phone system for your business.

  1. Top Audio quality

Audio quality is a very important factor to review. The main options may usually involve choosing between sticking to a traditional landline or a Voice over IP (VoIP) set up. Whilst a traditional landline uses fibre optic cables to transmit soundwaves, VoIP uses the same cables as an internet connection to transfer sound. Popular features of VoIP can include enhanced functionality and the ability to connect anywhere. It is important to choose the type of system that provides top audio quality and one that suits your business model.

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  1. Reliable provider

It’s wise choosing a provider that has a good reputation and an extensive expertise in what they offer. More so, choosing a provider that specialises in telecommunications can ensure that they have extensive expertise in their area and can efficiently troubleshoot any issues in a timely manner. Potential provider’s customer service level and support team may be key areas to check out before choosing. Having a reliable provider means operating with a sense of trust and confidence.

  1. Efficient phone answering

Have you ever been redirected to the wrong department whilst on the phone? This is something that you would surely like to avoid within your business. Whether you are opting in for an automated redirection service or a customer service representative, it’s important to evaluate what works best in your nature of business. Perhaps your phone line is normally busy as you offer many services and automating calls may be more efficient? Or a personal human contact may be more important? Whichever is the case, efficient phone answering is another key factor that can determine the success of your business’s phone system.

  1. Efficient auto answering service

An automated answering service may fit the culture of your business. In which case, bear in mind that this can be the first point of contact for a new customer. Therefore, a first impression to a potential client. It’s crucial to ensure that the correct system is set up in order to address each call in the most time-efficient and cost-efficient manner.

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  1. Cooperative communications

Last but not least, choosing a service that does both; addresses stakeholder needs but also provides comprehensive information internally is crucial. A phone system that speaks through different channels of communication in a unified manner is destined for customer and employee satisfaction.

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So, there you have it! 5 crucial criteria your business phone system should meet. By having a system that encompasses all of the above points, you will find your business enjoying more productivity, more success and more return on investment.