5 international brokers to buy cryptocurrencies

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

It is possible to buy the vast majority of the most popular cryptocurrencies on national exchanges. But some crypts can only be purchased at international brokerages.

Also, not all brokers have the liquidity and volume necessary to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies, making buying or selling less attractive. This post will help you choose the best international broker or trading platform. But whichever platform you want does not guarantee your success. Your success is determined by some factors, one of which is the use of trading robots such as the Bitcoin Revolution. You can visit their website here. Anyway, here are the 5 trusted international brokers to buy cryptocurrencies:

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Binance is the largest broker in the world; we have already dealt with it in our podcast. It has the trading of more than 540 active cryptocurrency trading pairs, which shows the number of options offered by the Chinese broker. Registering with the broker is simple; fees are low, and there are many options for buying cryptocurrencies. Most trading pairs have good liquidity. Also, the Binance platform is easy to use and has stability. It also has one of the complete applications on the market.


Bittrex is one of the most trusted and oldest exchanges on the market, having been founded in 2013. It has 371 active cryptocurrency pairs below Binance, but it is still a great number.  


Affectionately nicknamed “Polo,” Poloniex is one of the best-known brokers. For a long time, it was the most used exchange, but it stagnated and lost a lot of space to Binance, which hit the market very aggressively with the news. Polo allows Margin Trading and Lending. That is, you can leverage yourself to make better gains. It is also possible to “lend money” to people who want to leverage themselves. These two options are recommended for more advanced users who know what they are doing. Generally, those who seek to venture into Margin / Lending without knowledge usually take great losses.


Bitfinex is also among the major exchanges, it competes with Binance and handles a volume of US $ 200 million on average, only with Bitcoin. The broker has had a hacking problem in the past, more specifically in the year 2016. However, the market continues to believe in Bitfinex’s execution capacity, making it one of the most relevant brokers in the ecosystem. It has more than 380 active trading pairs, also offering a range of cryptocurrency options. The broker also allows leverage through Margin Trading. It is also possible to lend money at interest to traders who want to leverage; this can be done through Lending.

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Bitmex, also known as: “where the trickster cries and the mother don’t see” or “trickster’s cemetery.” It is a brokerage for the fearless who have boldness in their hearts. I say this because it allows for an insane level of leverage of up to 100 times your equity. That’s right; with 1 Bitcoin, you can get close to operating 100 Bitcoins. The volume of trades is astounding, and that bunch of numbers flashing on the screen makes the platform come close to what is known as a. If you are not good at trade, it is better not to stop there. Suppose you guarantee yourself, good luck. It does not charge a deposit fee in cryptocurrencies. For withdrawals, fees are variable and depend on cryptography and network condition.


International brokers are usually the best option to buy cryptocurrencies quickly and cheaply, paying the lowest fees. Not all local brokers have this wide variety of cryptos available with sufficient liquidity.

They were chosen because I have already used and made trade and use them all, always having a good experience. I hope this post will help you choose one of the international brokers that you will use to buy cryptocurrencies.