5 Key Components of the Best Law Firm Websites

Rohan Mathew

Many attorneys are confused to find the secrets behind a successful law firm website.  The fact that matters a lot is every successful website has certain things in common. What they do to attract more cases, what are the marketing strategies that lead to having more clients, are the main questions that an attorney sees when creating his law firm website to achieve his main goal.

In this article, we will be looking for the procedures several Law-Firm websites such as The Law Advisory follow and what are the basic components of a law firm website to make it a successful client puller.

In short, your site needs to:

  • Be visibly online every time
  • Attract potential clients by getting back to them promptly
  • The role of content on your website should be engaging
  • The layout of the website should be simple and user friendly
  • A Chabot to give instant consultancy for the visitors

Let’s see what other factors that affect your online presence.

Execute Through Call to Action

This kind of feature tells your users what next step they want to take after coming to your website. They usually found in a form of a button says, “Buy now”, “Sign-up”, “Contact Us”, “Subscribe to Newsletter” etc. This is something that law firms such as Weston Law Office do very well. It’s a very important key component.

On the first page do not overuse it, but it is necessary when a client visits your website, offering him to use the services instantly will make him ask something.

Because Every Picture Tells a Story

Images can make Identifying the need of the client the first thing you should consider. The visitor may not read the long text on your website but case related images will help him find the exact attorney for his case.

Remember images can create and spoil the trust of your website.

Integrate Videos When Necessary

People remember the things that are beautifully presented. From the dress code, clarity of the message, body language, and tone from which you are presenting your perspective to the client make the difference.

Tell The Story, Visualize It

Law firm websites are portraying their achievements and even failures to win their clients’ trust. Not just achievements when a website keeps transparency in their cases, the client perceives it as an honest and trustworthy brand that they might want to work with.

Don’t over hamper your website

Sometimes you need to cut out things to load your website better and with quick landing pages loading speed. Easy navigations, user-friendly experience, site responsiveness, loading speed, etc. are some of the main factors that give you a better conversion rate.

Mobile Experience Matters

We all know we are more in handy with our mobile phones rather than sticking to a laptop all day. Giving a quick response is what makes you create a long-lasting relationship with your client.

Maybe your client wants to have a quick conversation, or he wants to share something regarding his case, or the possibilities of a quick contact can be limitless. So it’s a much-needed platform nowadays to give access to your website on a mobile application that works in a flow with quick navigation that helps your clients to feel convenient to talk to you anytime.

Search for Local Attorneys

Google is about guiding you with the correct information about the search you asked for. If your website has all the local attorneys on the list then it will be strongly recommended for all the search engines, with proper details of contact information, name, addresses, and the detail about the place they work will help your clients to visit your website for the present and future cases (if appears).

Most Important

The most important sections you should add to your website are the client testimonial section. If you have a clear successful history of managing the cases sincerely and with full of your attorneys’ struggles. You can create a section in which you can put all the case history your attorneys are pursuing and have finished with a successful completion rate. It will attract other clients as well when they see all success stories.