5 Key Methods to Secure Sensitive Information

Rohan Mathew

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Did you know that there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds? Cyber threats are common concerns which is why is it so important to secure sensitive information.

Read on to learn about five key methods to secure information that you don’t want to get hacked.

  1. Make Security Your Number One Concern

To secure information properly, you need to make security your top priority. Sensitive data should get handled by only a few. However, these few need to be properly trained on the best practices when it comes to how to secure information.

These practices should be thoroughly taught but should be easy and simple to follow. The more people you have protecting secure information, the more simple it should be. This does not mean it will be easy for others to get to your information.

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  1. Destroy Hard Drives

It is important to know how to redact information because data can be stored on many office electronics. The only way to redact data from these appliances is to destroy the hard drives completely. Hard drives are often found in electronics like multi-purpose machines and copiers.

This can be difficult if your company leases equipment. However, you can check with the vendor to ensure they dispose of the media. It should get disposed of with a sound and secure process.

  1. Use a Redacting Pen

For information that isn’t electronic, you can use a redacting pen to obscure private information. A secure redacting pen can work on mail, packages, prescription bottles, price tags, and especially important sensitive documents. There is no limit to what you can hide with a redacting pen.

The information covered won’t be read, copied, or scanned. You can shop here for a redacted pen that will secure information.

  1. Keep Physical Information Secure

Keeping physical information secure is hard and needs more than just a redacting pen. You should only allow one person to handle your physical sensitive information.

If you use keys or passes to access secure information, only give them to those who have to have access. This is useful because you will always be able to keep tabs on who has handled the information if something happens.

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  1. Use Two-Factor Authentication

When hiding secure information, you need to do more than have one great password. Even a solid password won’t keep your data as safe as it could be.

Two-factor authentication requires a password and a code that gets sent only to the people who need it. You need both of these things to have access, which keeps your data safer.

Secure Information the Right Way

Sensitive information needs to be handled with care. The best way to secure information is by following these methods. Secure information the right way by making security your number one priority.

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