5- major factors that affect the delivery of custom socks

Albert Howard

5- major factors that affect the delivery of custom socks

Delivery time is one of the most crucial points when creating custom socks. Often, businesses and people order personalized socks for special occasions like trade shows, employee giveaways, gifts, Christmas, New Year, weddings, graduations, etc. When the delivery is late, it can affect the usefulness of the socks. You don’t want to give Christmas-themed or wedding socks after the event is over. The delivery time is a test of a manufacturer’s control and flexibility of the production process. It affects the customer’s trust and the brand’s reputation. And, for promotional socks, the brand can incur enormous costs because of delays. In short, you can say delivery is almost equal to quality. If you know the reasons for the delay, you can prepare yourself better. 

Factors affecting the delivery time: 

Fabric dyeing: with different fabrics taking different amounts of time, it is one of the influential factors impacting the delivery time. A normal dyeing process takes anywhere from seven days to twenty-five days. There are plenty of reasons for it, including the dye factory’s unable to match the dye ratio. It leads to a vast difference in colors forcing the sock manufacturer to reschedule the dyeing. In some rare cases, the client has no issue with the new colors and wants the socks in their usual time. However, be sure they won’t return to you in the future, and you will get critical reviews. 

Is it necessary to dye every fabric? No, for regular raw materials like cotton, nylon, polyester, etc. Manufacturers have a lot of ready-colored yarns; they can match Pantone color codes to alternative colored fabric for bulk orders saving a lot of time dyeing.

Please note that the raw materials of compression socks like spandex and elastane need to be dyed even if the main fabric is available. It also affects the delivery time. E.g., the standard colors for these fabrics are black and white. Sometimes, the yarn may leak colors and dye the spandex. 

Output: there are various factors affecting the output of custom socks like length, needle count, design complexity, terry or cushion structures, etc. The output will be different in each case. E.g., for regular crew socks, if the output is 300 pairs per day, it will take a month to deliver. The output also reduces for compression socks. Other factors like off-season and on-season also affect the delivery time. One of the busiest parts of the year is Christmas for most factories, and you need to order for two months to avoid delays. They also charge extra for rush orders. 

Machine arrangements: they adjust the machines in the factory according to orders. The manufacturer tells you the delivery time according to the existing orders, and some outsource their orders. It affects the quality because the manufacturer does not have complete control over production. Some issues with the sock quality might not be visible promptly, but can be seen only after opening or wearing. However, it is too late, and it can hamper your image. You need to have an inspection before shipping.

Defective socks: Some socks come out faulty because of various issues during production. Manufacturers order raw materials to make up for the losses during the process; 100% non-defective production rarely happens. However, if they don’t estimate correctly or the machine waste is more than excepted, it creates a shortage of socks. It can delay the delivery if the time is short. An expert manufacturer such as EverLighten is ready for every situation; nothing can affect the delivery. 

Miscellaneous: Normally, sock production involves fixed processes, including getting on the machine, stitching, toe linking, boarding, and packing. You need additional steps for some socks, like yoga, grip, etc. It increases the delivery time. 

Tips to prevent delay: 

Although it is impossible to control every little detail, you can ask the manufacturer about production, need to dye, etc., and compare with other manufacturers. Ready-made materials will be ready in two-three days, and the manufacturer will go into production. They can get the remaining materials later. You can ask manufacturers to provide a table showing how many days they spend at various stages. It will help you with the approximate time required. You can contact the factory at a different time to confirm. 

Ordering off-season: 

Most custom socks factories are busiest from October till Christmas. However, during August and September, they are relatively less occupied. Another advantage is the low shipment cost during the period. You can take advantage of the season and place your order. You can save freight costs and ensure on-time delivery. 


Each manufacturer is unique and takes a different approach to manufacturing custom socks. You can never be sure how seriously they take your order, especially for small quantities. Unlike EverLighten, most of them are not transparent with their process. You should review customer testimonials on independent websites and social media forums carefully. EverLighten has hundreds of positive reviews from startups, large companies, sports teams, nonprofits, celebrities, influencers, colleges, and individuals. 

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