5 Money Saving Reasons to Install Solar Panels in Texas

Rohan Mathew

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If you haven’t considered installing solar panels on your Texas home, now is the time to start thinking about it!

Solar panel installation is an easy way to invest in the planet and in future savings, especially in a state like Texas.

How can you save money when you install solar panels on your Texas home? We’re here to tell you.

Read on to learn five seriously awesome reasons that you should consider solar panel installation in Texas–and how it will save you money.

  1. Texas Has Massive Amounts of Cumulative Solar Capacity

A recent survey found that Texas has the seventh-highest cumulative solar capacity in the nation. In other words, if you install solar panels on your home in Texas, you can start to take advantage of the five or more hours of peak sunlight Texas receives almost every day. That means that in Texas, solar power can get you pretty far.

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  1. You Can Shave One of Your Utility Bills Off of Your Budget

How far can solar power get you? For some Texas homeowners, installing solar panels allowed them to stop paying the electricity company altogether. That’s anywhere from $70 to $200 a month that you can start saving–or spending on things you actually enjoy.

  1. The Federal Government Investment Tax Credit Is Still in Play

The federal government announced a few years back that it would enact an investment tax credit (ITC) for anyone who chose to install solar panels on their residential property. If you install solar panels this year, you can still take advantage of that ITC before it starts to go down. (By 2022, it will reduce to 22% and continue to go down over the coming years.)

  1. Solar Power Increases Property Value

More and more Texans are looking for greener ways to live, particularly in relation to their homes. However, a lot of buyers don’t want to purchase an older home and start making it environmentally friendly from scratch. By installing solar panels now, you can increase your property’s value and see a solid return on investment when it comes time to sell.

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  1. Local Professionals Can Meet Your Exact Solar Needs

You don’t have to work with giant companies that don’t know your local needs when you decide to install solar panels. Take a look at companies like Blue Raven Solar. They can offer better prices and better installation while your investment stays within your own community. 

Install Solar Panels in Texas and Start Saving Big Time

There has never been a better time to install solar panels on your Texas home than today. In Texas, solar power can go farther than you think, eliminating your need for standard electricity altogether. Start saving money today with solar panel installation.

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