5 Necessary Online Writing Tools All Aspiring Content Writers Should Start Using

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Many people are fond of writing. It could be for fun, such as writing poems, songs, short stories, and many others. Writing could be part of your job description, like writing emails and other paperwork. However, other people write as their profession. Many content writers are now needed in the marketing industry, and the number continues to increase every year. 

If you have a heart of writing and believe you have the required writing skills, you can embark on a new writing career. Read on the details below to know the necessary writing tools that aspiring content writers like you should start using. 

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Character Counter 

As a professional content writer, you have clients to whom you’re sending your written articles. Your clients may sometimes ask you to write something that can be posted on different platforms, and that includes social media. The social media platforms are the most popular targets to do business marketing if you want a larger audience. 

However, people tend to skip a social media post if it’s too lengthy. Hence, you need to write a content article short enough to deliver the intended message. As a new writer and asked to write an article for social media posts, you need to use a character counter tool to help you achieve your goal. 

The character counter tool will streamline your post content, ensuring that you stay within the character count limit to make your post engaging and promote readability to everyone. It includes a character counter with spaces and the one with no space. It also has a Facebook character counter and others for Twitter and Instagram. 

Using this character counter tool will help you create post content on social media platforms conveniently. It’ll let you know the character count for you to outline your ideas as you draft your content. It’ll be one of the necessary tools that you, as a new writer, should start using. 


Another writing tool is Grammarly. It’s a popular tool used by most content writers and has been a helpful tool to polish any written outputs. Both experienced and new writers sometimes feel not so confident with their writings. It could be that the subject and verb agreement wasn’t observed all the time. The verb tenses may not be consistent in the entire article. 

Some things may make you feel less confident about your final written output. Hence, you need a proofreader. Many writers have been using Grammarly as a virtual proofreader. The tool detects many grammatical issues, such as the correct usage of words and punctuations, sentence fragments, and the most common is the dangling modifier. 

Grammarly offers suggestions to make your writing better. That’s why writers need to use Grammarly before submitting their outputs to their proofreaders. By doing so, errors become less, and the work becomes lighter. 

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Plagiarism is a practice of taking someone’s written work and making it your own. It’s a criminal offense that needs to be avoided at all times. Thanks to Copyscape, because it’ll allow you to identify plagiarism and instances of content theft from any written work. Hence, if you’re a new content writer, you should include Copyscape in your list of essential writing tools. 

Cliché Finder

One of the challenges of content writers is to produce an idea that’s new, fresh, as much as possible, no one has heard of it yet. The Cliché Finder is a tool used by writers to detect any part of your written outputs, which contain words considered a cliché or something hard to understand. It’ll also help you notice if you’ve used any idioms or confusing language in your written output. 

If you find it challenging to write a content article while avoiding any overused words or language hard to understand, Cliché Finder will be your personal assistant. It’s so easy and convenient to use as you draft your written article. 


One of the problems of most content writers is when they hear disturbing noise around the work area while writing an article. You might find it so irritating to hear loud music when you’re trying to think of ideas to write.  It may impede you from generating an intelligently written output. However, there are certain sounds that may help your brain to stay calm and focused. 

It’s not necessary to be your favorite music sung by your beloved band or singer. A simple sound created from the strong waves of the ocean hitting against the big stones in the seashore. It might be the birds singing in the trees. These sounds can stimulate your brain to function well, making you more productive in your writing. 

It’s the strength of Noisli. Many writers use this tool to help them think fast and generate words more quickly to finish the content article. If you easily get disturbed by the sound around you, better add this tool to your list. 


Writing will give you so much fun. When you have the required skill set in writing, you can always embark on a new career. Always keep in mind the essential writing tools discussed above, and be familiar with their use and function. There are still many writing tools available in the market. You can start to explore so that you’ll be equipped to write your first draft in the future as a professional writer.