5 People in the Crypto Ecosystem You Should Know About

Rohan Mathew


There is a common notion floating around that Cryptocurrency is a bubble that is soon going to burst. But is it so? Why are some of the most renewed people in the tech industry heavily investing in Cryptocurrency? 

There are several reasons why someone with capital would invest in Cryptocurrency. Some of the tech industry’s famous people are in the crypto ecosystem, and you ought to know about them.

The reason why people have started investing in Cryptocurrency is because of the humongous potential it shows. People who have a strong vision have understood the potential that Cryptocurrency poses.

5 People in The Crypto Ecosystem You Should Know About

These famous people in the crypto ecosystem have proved the potential that Bitcoins possess. 

  1. The Winklevoss Twins

They are popularly known for winning the lawsuit against Facebook, and since then, they have been very open with their close association with crypto. They are known to own bitcoins. 

Currently, they are heavily invested in building an ecosystem that would attract potential investors and day traders. They are so heavily invested that they launched the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange Bitcoin visit here

This exchange can be used to fix spot prices of Bitcoins to set up contracts to the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

  1. Barry Silbert

If you are a new crypto investor, you should know who Barry Silbert is. He is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Currency Group. The company aims to put in motion the global financial system. They have recognized Bitcoins as a very profitable investment option. 

Digital Currency Group openly promotes Bitcoins and other blockchain companies. Among the many acquisitions done by Digital Currency Group, Coin Desk’s acquisition stays at the top, which is a leading Bitcoin news portal. 

Barry Silber’s Digital Currency Group is known to invest in a few more Bitcoin-related companies. All these Bitcoin-related activities have made him ‘the king of crypto.’ 

  1. Dan Morehead

A former employee of Goldman Sachs, Dan Morehead was associated with macro trading. He is the founder of Pantera Capital and is known for his interest and support for Bitcoins. Way back in 2013, Pantera invented the idea of the first crypto fund. According to sources, the fund has given a staggering 24,000% returns on crypto investments.

  1. Blythe Masters

Blythe Former is the former managing director of J.P. Morgan Investment banking company and currently the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings. She is only among the handful of women in the crypto ecosystem. 

She has been very vocal about the potential that Cryptocurrencies pose. The main service her company provides is building heavily encrypted processing tools. In simple words, Digital Asset Holding makes sure that the trading platforms are genuine. 

In May 2018, it formed a new partnership with Google so that the developers of both the companies can work in unison to build the perfect crypto ecosystem. Furthermore, Digital Asset Holdings have the vision to implement blockchain technology to the stock activities in Wall Street. 

You would be surprised to know that Digital Asset Holding’s first client was JP Morgan Banking Company. JP Morgan came to Digital Asset Holding so that they could use blockchain technology to settle transactions more quickly and efficiently.  

  1. Michael Novogratz

This is one of the lesser-known names in the crypto ecosystem, but that does not diminish Michael Novogratz’s contributions. Do note that he is a billionaire and has invested more than 30% of his wealth in cryptocurrencies, which I feel is a lot. 

The story of his investment started way back in 2015. After establishing a crypto fund worth $500 million, in which $150 was his own, he has become one of the known faces in the crypto ecosystem.


These famous people in the crypto ecosystem have proved the potential that Bitcoins possess. All the above people are billionaires and have strong visions of how money is going to work in the future. 

It’s only a matter of time when more prominent personalities will join the crypto ecosystem.