5 Reasons to Use Muscle Rub Cream

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Whether you are an athlete or an arthritic patient, you can very well understand the difficulties of muscle and joint aches. Aches and pains are one of the principal challenges to our movement and daily activities. Not only does it impede our movement, but also greatly affects the efficiency of carrying out day to day tasks. The challenges of muscular pain have, over the years, inspired countless innovations in medical science. Even so, none of them has been as effective as a muscle rub cream.

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A muscle rub cream is an effective topically applicable agent that helps to alleviate pain and muscular inflammation. The cream is one of the most common and popular options preferred by most people for the following reasons –

Relieves Aches and Pains

These creams contain powerful agents and chemical components that can soothe the pain receptors. This helps to alleviate the feeling of pain and relieves muscular tension to cause the aches to go away. The various components can penetrate deep inside the skin tissue cells to soothe the nerve receptors that send the brain’s distress pain signals. Once these nerves are calm and soothed, receptors are also numb to the effect of the soreness. Thus, it helps to alleviate aches, especially in muscular spasms, sores, or even sprains.


An already throbbing pain sensation has to be soothed first, and nerve receptors must be numbed for the medicine to work. The feeling of warmth is for the applied area to relax and start the healing process. The other way they work is that due to these after-effects and sensations on the skin, you are distracted from feeling the aches inside the muscles. These creams possess counterirritants that do not aggravate the area; instead, they calm it and heal it better.

Alleviates Chronic Conditions

Pain and aches in the muscles are not just restricted to sporadic incidents of sprains or spasms. If you suffer from chronic ailments such as osteoarthritis or gouts, you probably have been accustomed to intense pain. Medical procedures or surgeries can also cause pain as a post-surgical consequence. The topical application of these creams can be the best way to relieve pains under such circumstances.


These creams contain methyl salicylates and menthol, which are known to possess calming and soothing properties. These chemical components have a cooling effect on the topically applied area, followed by a sensation of warmth. They are known as counterirritant is because as soon as they are applied to the affected area, they calm the inflamed region.

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Alleviates Muscular Soreness

Muscular soreness is one of the major reasons that cause inflammation and then pains. If, after an intense workout, your muscles are becoming stiff and are aching, then you probably know soreness. Muscular soreness may also lead to inflammation or swelling of the area. These creams have anti-spasmodic and relaxing agents that loosen the stiff muscles and prevent pain and swelling.


Ultimately, though these muscle rub ointments and topically applied creams help alleviate the pain, they cannot offer a permanent solution. If pain persists, it is essential to have it checked with your physician first. They must be used sparingly and only on doctoral advice.