5 Sneeze Guard designs to Implement in Offices and Public Places

Rohan Mathew

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5 Sneeze Guard designs to Implement in Offices and Public Places

Sneeze guards are now mandatory for all businesses and public offices to ensure a COVID-19 shielding between the executives and the public they interact with. You can easily install these sneeze guards anywhere, and there are different models, shapes, and materials available out there in terms of screen guards. This article will discuss some of the popular designs for sneeze guards, which are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Sneeze guard designs

Linear sneeze guard

Linear sneeze guards are usually surface mounted designs, which use two pieces of pipe as the guard posts, and both of these may be attached to the top counter using some flanges. A clear vinyl sheet is attached to the top of the counter on to the flanges using swivel sockets.

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Enclosed sneeze guards

This is a full-coverage design, which offers solid protection from all the sides and front coverage. These are usually fixed onto the counter surface by using round-shaped flanges. Similar to that of linear design, plastic or vinyl clear sheets are attached to the flanges upright with some M50 fittings.

Freestanding sneeze guards

This is a typical design using two pipes again as the guard posts, whereas both can stand freely. You can easily move this sneeze guard from one place to another. However, these may be prone to fall as there is no external support.

  1. Side mount sneeze guard

As the name suggests, these guards are mounted onto the walls or any other side structures to hold the sneeze guard in place. The upright poles can be mounted onto the counter, and the side can be fixed on to the wall.

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  1. Full height sneeze guards

These are also freestanding types of sneeze guards, which can be put on the floor to cover a person’s full size. These can be used to separate different store sections and are also ideal for barbers, salons, restaurants, etc.

Along with these designs, you can think of a custom-made sneeze guard, too, according to your needs. Based on the dimensions of the space where you install it and the aesthetic specifications as you wish, it is possible to choose various materials to customize your sneeze guard by giving the order. You can consult with a reliable and professional provider to do an inspection of your place and get you a customized quote for the installation of sneeze guards.

As you need to, it is a foolproof way to ensure optimum security and take all precautionary measures. It is not recommended to make your sneeze guards DIY. There are regulatory mandates in some states as to the size, dimensions, and materials for sneeze guards, so you need to refer to those also while making a guard. Now there are many online providers offering screen guards of various types, which is also a good avenue for you to explore the models and see if there are suitable, easy to install, readymade screen guards available out there matching your needs.