5 Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Struggling to figure out what to do with that special someone for Valentine’s Day? Do you want to express your love for someone but unsure of how to go about it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other or a special someone. Remember, it is all about the gesture, thought, and effort that will sweep your partner off their feet. It will definitely be a Valentine’s Day for the books!

1. Photo Canvas

Create a customized Valentine’s Day canvas – a creative yet sweet gift you can keep forever! What better way to show your love and devotion to someone? Select an image of you and your loved one and add a cute quote of your choice or add your names with your anniversary date. From there, you can add various effects, frames, and gallery wrapping options. 

The canvas even comes with hanging equipment to the canvas so that your piece is ready to hang on your wall when it is out of the package. Your partner will be swept away by the thoughtfulness behind the customized image of you both together. Every time you and your partner walk by the canvas, you will smile and think of that special Valentine’s Day you both shared together. 

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2. Wine Tasting Tour

Wine is known to be one of the most romantic and classy drinks out there. Even if you or your partner love or dislike wine, a wine tasting is a great way to expand your knowledge on the beverage. Check out vineyards or the best Mclaren Vale wineries to plan your tasting experience.

Most wine-centered places typically offer couples packages where you will participate in an intimate tasting with a chauffeur who will guide you through the various types of wines as well as their specific characteristics like where and how it was made. Through a wine tasting, you will learn a lot about the intricacies of wine-making and indulge in many delicious wines – your date will be impressed!

3. Picnic

Nothing says “romance” like a night under the stars! Plan a picnic on Valentine’s Day to spend with your sweetheart. Make sure to grab a blanket, pillows, and a picnic basket as you head out for the occasion. On your way to your destination, stop at the local farmer’s market with your date and pick out some goodies to fill up your basket. 

Think cheeses, wine or champagne, bread, fruits, nuts, honey, flowers, and chocolate. Picking out food together is a great bonding experience – what better way to get to know someone? Finally, set up your picnic at a park or the beach and watch the sunset. This will be an unforgettable evening you will be talking about for years to come!

4. Couples Massage 

Use coupon sites like Groupon to find the latest deals on couples massages offered near you. A couples massage is an intimate experience to help you and your partner unwind and relax. Many couples massage packages can include wine, champagne, various spa treatments, and meals. 

This is the best bonding experience you can have as a couple when you are both feeling refreshed, at ease, and centered. By having a professional work the tension out of your body, not only will your muscles feel reinvigorated, but your mind will too. It is the best way to feel vulnerable with your partner. A romantic and relaxing day for the both of you! 

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5. Watches

Do you feel like showing your significant other how much they are worth? Get them the gift of a luxurious watch! A watch is a classic gift to give to your sweetie that is glamorous and timeless. The watch will symbolize the significance of your love and appreciation for them that will never expire. 

You can personalize the watch with jewels, embellishments, and engravings. Think of quotes to engrave like, “Our love is everlasting,” “You are timeless to me,” or “A love like ours will last forever.” Do not forget to add your name, your anniversary date, or your initials! Present the watch over a picturesque candlelight dinner with a heartfelt, meaningful card. Your partner will be absolutely touched by this act of pure romance.

No matter what date idea you choose, you’re sure to feel the love on this special day!