Be the Hostess with the Mostess: How to Host the Ultimate Girls Movie Night

Rohan Mathew

Are you looking for new girls night ideas? Hosting a girls movie night in is a fun way to spend some time together without the pressure of dressing up to go out on the town.

Watching a movie is a casual option, and it doesn’t take much planning. The movie covers the entertainment, so you’re not stuck playing entertainment director all night. 

Keep reading for ideas on how to host a movie night for your girlfriends.

Choose Your Location

The average number of TVs per household is 2.3, which means you likely have multiple possibilities for your movie night location. Consider the amount of space and comfort level in each area when choosing your location so you have enough space to hold all of your guests comfortably. Think about the TV screen size in each location to ensure everyone can have a good view.

An alternative is to have a backyard movie party with outdoor movie packages from local rental companies. You can rent large outdoor screens and projectors to create the feeling of a drive-in theater in your backyard. This gives you more space to spread out and lets you enjoy fresh air with your friends.

Secure Comfortable Seating

No matter where you set up the movie screening, you need comfortable seating for all of your guests. If you’re hosting an indoor movie, make sure your furniture allows each person to have a spot. You might need to pull in extra seating from other rooms to accommodate a larger group.

For outdoor parties, lawn chairs work well. You can also use floor pillows, bean bags, or similar comfy seating options to keep your guests off of the ground.

Add Blankets and Pillows

Another way to keep your guests comfortable is with blankets and pillows. Many people like to cuddle up under a blanket while watching a movie. If you’re hosting outdoors on a cool night, your friends might need blankets for warmth.

Having extra pillows on hand can soften the seating, especially if you’re pulling in dining chairs or other hard seating to make room for everyone. Floor pillows let your guests spread out on the floor comfortably if they prefer.

Pick the Flicks

Deciding on a movie can be a challenge, especially if everyone has different tastes. You can either pick the movie ahead of time based on the group’s overall taste in movies or pick a few options and let them vote when they get there.

If you pick the movie ahead of time, you can use it as a theme for the party. You might have your friends dress up to match the theme, such as dressing up as a favorite character. If you watch an older movie, you can encourage costumes from that decade, such as 80s clothes for a flick that was made in the 80s.

Set Up a Popcorn Bar

No movie night is complete without popcorn, but the classic movie snack doesn’t have to be boring. Set up a popcorn bar where your girlfriends can scoop up the crunchy, puffy popcorn and top it just the way they like it.

Fresh popcorn is best. Renting a popcorn popper lets you crank out the kernels faster, but you can also make smaller batches without a large machine.

Set out individual containers for everyone. Cardboard popcorn boxes or paper popcorn cones are easy disposable options. Keep extras on hand in case your guests want a refill with different toppings.

Serve up lots of different toppings for the popcorn. Sweet options include candy, marshmallows, chocolate chips, sprinkles, caramel, and melted chocolate. For savory fans, put out butter, salt, flavored popcorn seasonings, nuts, Parmesan cheese, hot sauce, and a variety of seasoning mixes, such as taco or Cajun seasoning.

Offer Other Snacks

Round out the girls night menu with other yummy snacks for your guests. Charcuterie boards are popular not only for how pretty they look on display but also for the variety of snacking options. Appetizers are also ideal because guests can enjoy the finger food easily while watching the movie.

Have Fun Drink Options

Wine is a natural drink choice for a girls night in, but consider your crowd when planning the drink menu to ensure you have something that fits their tastes. Sangria is another option that’s easy to make ahead of time, or you can grab a blender and mix up margaritas once your guests arrive.

Another option is to have themed drinks based on the movie. Serve a drink that shows up in the movie, for example.

Don’t forget some alternative options for people who don’t want to drink alcohol or who need a break. Tea, lemonade, soda, and water are good options.

Prepare Extra Activities

The movie is the main activity for the party, so you don’t have to go crazy with planning anything else. But you might want to have a few backup activities in case you’re still in the mood to party once the final credits roll.

When you get a group of friends together, conversation happens naturally. Keep the chatting going with a fun trivia game or interesting questions that everyone can answer. 

Another idea is to do a mini spa treatment before or after the movie. A face mask or hand treatment is a good idea. You can even invite everyone to show up in their pajamas and robes to create a relaxing, spa-like feel while you watch the movie and do your treatments.

Keep Things Relaxed

When you host a girls movie night, don’t forget to keep things relaxed and fun. One of the best parts of staying in with your girlfriends is that you can be more casual. Don’t overcomplicate things or get frustrated if it doesn’t go exactly as you planned.

Don’t try to plan too many activities. If everyone starts chatting and you end up missing part of the movie, just roll with it. The purpose of a girls night in is to have fun together and let things evolve naturally.

Host a Girls Movie Night

A girls movie night is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long week. It gives you a chance to spend time with your friends and enjoy a good movie together.

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