5 Tips For Guitar Players With Small Hands

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss 5 Tips For Guitar Players With Small Hands

Fingers are an essential part of any guitar player. Additionally, you can learn more here that you need to have big hands and long fingers to play the guitar and easily reach all chords comfortably. However, this doesn’t mean that children and many adults with small fingers cannot enjoy playing the guitar.

If you fall under this category, do not give up on your dream of playing the guitar as possible to attain regardless of your hands and fingers’ size. Nevertheless, it would help if you learned unique and specific techniques to catch up with people with large hands and long fingers.

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5 Tips For Guitar Players With Small Hands

Here are these tips to help you become a professional guitar player, even with your small hands.

5 Tips For Guitar Players With Small Hands Are Given Below

  • Be Careful With The Guitar That You Pick

As mentioned above, small hands make you less advantaged when playing the guitar than people with big hands. Thus, to help you catch up with such players, you need to ensure that you have the right kind of guitar. Ensure that you go for a ¾ sized guitar as it is perfect for people with smaller hands. -What’s far better than playing with a reliable and lightweight acoustic guitar, if you’re someone who is only starting on their guitar playing journey. Find the best parlor guitar models on https://musiccritic.com/equipment/guitars/best-parlor-guitar for your buying guide.

The ¾ sized guitar has a shorter neck, making it easy for you to spread your hands across different frets quickly. These guitars are also lighter and more portable. Additionally, their smaller size does not compromise the quality of sound that they make. Therefore, consider buying such a guitar, and your small hands will not limit you again.

  • Do Finger And Hand Stretch Exercises

For fingers to play the guitar correctly, they need to be thoroughly exercised and more for people with small hands. When you exercise your fingers, you increase your span across the fretboard. Additionally, these exercises will increase your fingers’ flexibility, making it easy for you to reach various cords regardless of your fingers’ size.

You can begin the stretching session by massaging your forearms and hands and later stretch each finger and wrists. You can also get other methods to exercise your hands from the internet. However, ensure that your exercises are gentle and straightforward and will not harm your hands or fingers.

Guitar Players With Small Hands

  • Anchor Your Thumb Correctly

If your thumb is not correctly placed on the guitar, you will likely injure it if you have small hands. Additionally, a misplaced thumb will cause a struggle in playing the guitar. Thus, ensure that the first thing you do when you hold your guitar is learning how to place your thumb. Avoid placing the thumb over the neck, but instead, let it remain behind the neck.

Most people ignore this rule since they can comfortably play the guitar regardless of the thumb position. However, if you have small hands, you have to consider where you place your thumb carefully. Otherwise, you could end up causing too much tension on the thumb or wrist.

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  • Set Up The Guitar Before You Start Playing

Setting up the guitar is someone that you must do regardless of whether you have small or big hands. When the guitar is not set, you risk having out-of-tune nodes even when you are playing your best. Additionally, playing an unset guitar will mean that you will have a painful and tiring experience and more so if you have small hands.

You will be applying a lot of tension on the strings and overstretching to produce the sound you are looking for. Therefore, before you get on stage, spend some time setting up the guitar to avoid injuries, especially if you have small hands.

  • Make Use Of Your Pinky

When practicing playing the guitar, you will be advised to use your standard ring finger to hold down your strings. However, this is most effective for people with large hands and may be tricky if you have smaller hands.

In this case, you’ll be advised to use the pinky to help you play better. Therefore, whenever you come across an instruction to use your ring finger, use your pinky instead of smaller hands. Although this is not going to be easy at first, it will be easier for you when you get used to it as it will help you make more difficult hand movements.


Learning the guitar using small hands can be challenging and stressful. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot become a professional guitar player if you have small hands. Above are these tips to help you achieve your goals of playing the guitar regardless of your hands and fingers’ size.

We Have Successfully Discuss 5 Tips For Guitar Players With Small Hands In This Article.