5 tips on how to use Twitter to advertise your company

Rohan Mathew

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Unlike all other social networks, Twitter has a microblog format, which allows text posts with up to 150 characters, in addition to sharing photos and videos. For this very reason, it is a digital medium that has been widely explored by companies of all sizes and segments, which, in general, have shown excellent results using Twitter.

Being one of the most popular platforms on the internet, the social network has a format suitable for the needs of all types of business and also allows easier communication between the target audience and the company. With the tool, it only takes a few clicks to spread and popularize your products and / or your brand in an appropriate way. If combined with such special services like get more Twitter followers, the result would be better.

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Want to know everything about using Twitter and improving your business performance? So, check out the tips and information we have for you in this post!

  1. Create lists
    It is important that you create lists on the social network, such as lists of followers and lists of your main competitors, to be aware of the publications and preferences on Twitter. This is one of the main strategies on how to use Twitter for a company, as it is essential to be aware of what the target audience and competing companies are publishing on the platform. You might need to focus on targeted followers.In this case, it’s recommended to buy country targeted Twitter followers.
    To create lists on the social network, simply select the ‘Lists’ option in the upper right corner of the screen. That done, go to ‘Create New List’ and give this list a name, for example, ‘Customers’ or ‘Competitors’. Choose privacy (private or public) and, finally, add the people who fit the proposal from the list.
  2. Use hashtags
    Hashtags are important to make finding content easier on Twitter, as well as helping your company create a visual identity. Note that the most talked about subjects on the social network are all related to hashtags to win the famous Twitter Trending Topics. By using proper hashtags, you can get real Twitter followers faster.
    However, be careful when designing hashtags for your company’s social network. After all, it is necessary to create hashtags consistent with your company’s proposal, in addition to creating strategies for the target audience to actually use the tool that facilitates searches.
  3. Use advanced search
    With Twitter’s advanced search tool, you can find words, tweets and other content that are on the social network itself, that is, you have a great tool at your disposal to search for words, hashtags, tweets and content in general , which are being used more and seen on Twitter. With advanced search, you can also find targeted Twitter followers.
    With advanced search, therefore, you have a resource that can help you design the most appropriate digital strategy for your store or business. In addition, the tool allows you to find what you need with various facilities, such as filters that can be chosen for quick search.
  4. Customize your URLs
    Customizing the company’s URLs is among the main and most important search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for your business. Regarding how to use Twitter for your company, this means that you should build links that offer more legibility to users, as this makes your company have a positive image on the web.
    Another advantage when customizing your URLs is to make it easier in relation to search engines. After all, with good links, search robots can identify your content much faster.
    5. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself
    On Twitter, company posts are designed to increase the rapprochement between the company and the customer. However, you cannot post content, such as product links and texts about the company itself at all times, as this is an attitude that can alienate potential customers. For example, if you post specific contents like USA-related contents, your chances of getting USA followers are bigger.
    Use the tool creatively and pleasantly. Offer a different and useful experience for readers of your Twitter account. As SEO-based digital marketing strategies are defined, the essential thing is to offer consumers content that they add. Talk about curiosities, current things and never be afraid to talk about yourself.

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