5 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Messaging and Creatives in 2021

Rohan Mathew


Last year was bittersweet for the whole world.

While we were all slowly adjusting to the new normals, the marketing industry was transforming at a quick pace. This has called up for streamlined marketing messages from businesses, or they may soon become irrelevant.

But what exactly has changed? And how can your business adapt to these changes and make the most out of them?

In this blog post, we unfold answers to such questions, also discussing five top tips to improve your marketing messaging and creatives in 2021.

So, buckle up and read on.

What Is Marketing Messaging?

“Marketing messaging refers to the meaning of messages you use to communicate with your audience through different channels.”

If we simply go by the definition, it is a comparatively easier term. This is why, before we move to improve your marketing messaging, let us try to dig deeper and understand the concept better. 

Unlike “brand voice,” which revolves around your brand’s tone, marketing messaging refers to messages you readily convey to your clients through advertisements. These “messages” are not only the phrases or words in your copy but also the emotions that these words kindle.

Now that we’ve understood what marketing messaging means, let us share some tips to improve your marketing messaging and creative strategies.

Provide Value And Affordability

The global pandemic has changed the way every industry operates. This has created a need for brands, organizations to opt for drastic measures and save their clients. 

Many companies are working on their digital marketing budgets. That said, for high-end agencies, this might be the chance to reconsider their stance and get back their lost customers. 

Whether it’s SEO or web design in Frederick MD, you must offer your services at reasonable prices and provide enough value for every transaction.

Promote Safety And Peace Of Mind

Having seen the pandemic hit the global economy, fear is influencing most business decisions.

The fear of uncertainty is also affecting purchase decisions, so when promoting your services, send across a message that soothes the mind of your customers. Your message should evoke a sense of safety in your prospects’ minds

Team Up With Influencers

Influencer marketing is growing year by year. Everyone knows that. So, it only makes sense for brands to invest in it. 

Reason? Influencers put their face next to a product, helping customers associate credibility and genuinity with a specific brand. 

So, connect with influencers in your niche. Promote your brand with influencers through webinars, seminars, and paid posts.

Use Videos To Convey Your Messages

As we all know, more than 50% of consumers enjoy watching videos from their favorite brands. Customers prefer watching videos rather than reading a text, so it only makes sense for brands to add video marketing to their marketing strategy.

Video not only engages the consumers, but when curated efficiently, it can convey your message effectively.

Humanize Your Brand With User-generated Content

Much like word of mouth marketing, user-generated content is gaining popularity and preference all across the world. This is why a huge percentage of companies have begun steering towards content generated by their fans and followers. Reason? The generated content is genuine and inspires emotions. Consumers are more likely to trust brands that share genuine customer experiences.

So, encourage users to create content towards your brand in the form of reviews or testimonials and use them for marketing.


Which tips work for you will depend on the nature of your business.

However, regardless of your business, your messages need to feel natural and honest, like they’re written with empathy, and of course, the aforementioned pointers should be kept in mind.

So, share powerful messages that feel honest, and users will appreciate your efforts.