Signs That Your Car Need A Headlight Replacement 

Rohan Mathew

Your vehicle’s headlights are often overlooked while servicing. But do you know ignoring them can cost you later? If the headlights of your car are broken, damaged, or cracked, get the problem fixed immediately. Driving sans proper functioning headlights can be a risky business and pose a great threat to you and your loved ones. It can put you in danger, especially while traveling at night. 

Just like the other parts of your vehicle, headlights, too, are prone to several damages. But worry not; you can always keep them bright and ensure a safe driving experience. Here are the signs that your car needs a head light replacement: 

Dim lights:

If the light coming out from your headlights is dimmer than usual, know that you need to fix the problem immediately. The dimming of lights can be because of two reasons. The most common reason is the build-up of dust and grime on the headlight lens. The other reason for the dim lights of the car is the problem with the bulb. 

We advise you to clean your car timely to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. Wash your car at least once a week. If there is a problem with the bulb, replace it with a new one to obtain a clearer view. 

Flickering headlights: 

Pay attention to your headlights, particularly if they are flickering now and then. It can be a very threatening situation and should be addressed at the earliest. Flickering of the lights is often a sign of a damaged filament of the headlight bulb. This action suggests that the bulb may burn out. If not changed on time, the bulb may burst out as well. 

One of the other reasons for the flickering of lights in your car can be a faulty connection. In both these cases, the replacement of the headlights with the new one remains the need of the hour. 

Problem with single headlight: 

Many times, the headlight area of your car may experience a single headlight burnout. This situation is difficult to notice. However, it is a major warning sign that your headlights need to be replaced with new ones. 

Single headlights are not replaced individually but in pairs. Thus, even if the other light works well, you need to replace it with a newer one. It is because once one headlight goes out, the other, too, can burn out soon. 

No high beams: 

What if the high beams of the headlight work properly but the low beams don’t? Just like the other situation, this, too, calls for a quick headlight replacement. The most obvious reason for the failure of high beams is a burnt-out bulb. We suggest you replace it first. 

If this solution doesn’t come to your rescue, there might be a problem with the fuse. You can get in touch with a local mechanic service and inspect the problem. 

Blown fuses: 

If the headlights of your car are giving you a hard time, again and again, it could be because of a blown fuse. Although a blown fuse doesn’t suggest replacing the headlights, inspecting the fuse along with headlights is highly suggested. 


Road accidents are a common occurrence, and failed headlights are the major reason behind the same. Replacing a smashed headlight is no rocket science. You are merely required to coin out the problem, visit a local mechanic, and replace it with the new ones. Many countries call it illegal to drive without two working headlights. And if you find yourself in such a situation, get ready to be pulled over by the police authorities. Prevention is better than cure. Take care of the above-listed warning signs and replace the headlights at the earliest.