5 Tips to Make your Workplace Safer with RTLS Technology

Rohan Mathew

5 Tips to Make your Workplace Safer with RTLS Technology

Most companies and organizations cannot account for all of their activities done by their workers. This unaccountability may jeopardize both the staff and the infrastructure of your workplace. As the technology keeps advancing, it proves challenging for the security guards and IT personnel to monitor activities around. However, using the Real-time location system technology, you can monitor every movement of the employees and the assets you got. Most people have the notion that tracking sensors invade the workplace. RTLS is not a specific type of system or technology, the goal can be accomplished by using combined systems for locating and managing assets. A crucial aspect of RTLS is the tracking time and how this data can be used depending on the application. The RTLS capabilities and the read ranges from the setup to the technology used. RTLS applications require granular visibility and constantly update the time data. The application also should consist of a transponder, a receiver, and software to interpret the data. A perfect system can accurately locate, manage assets and track inventory and people. This will help provide safety in workplaces as the heads can make a knowledgeable decision. Here are different tips that you may consider to make your workplace safer using the RTLS technology.

  • Contact Tracing in a Pandemic

In case of a pandemic like a coronavirus, it is vital to monitor the spread of the disease. Contact tracing involves identifying, informing, and monitoring the people who have come into contact with a person who has an infectious disease. To improve the tracking process, an Active RFID real-time locating system(RTLS) tracking technology is used to eliminate ambiguity in a workplace. This helps curb the spread of the disease and keep the other staff or people in the workplace safe.

  • Location Tracing

This involves coordinating material, and the object flows through the facility. In case you working on a minefield the RTLS tags are given to the workers to ensure that their movement is traced. This helps to be able to account for all individuals. In case of an emergency, any person in danger can be traced by their current location. The RTLS technology gives them a chance to raise the alarm in case of any emergency or the minefields start collapsing. Using this technology, you can track mandatory equipment and suppliers. In case of theft or mishandling, this will help raise the alarm when the material gets outside the restricted area, which can be traced to its current location. The RTLS can stream rapid responses, this makes it is easy to locate the places and the people that have interacted with the sick person.

  • Room Tracing and Social Distancing

This is about maintaining thresholds in high traffic areas to ensure that social distancing is maintained. Through the RTLS application, you can integrate a red and green light to alert people on the capacity and warn people about their distancing. This, especially in rooms like banks, hospitals, or even schools, helps ensure that people remain orderly and in the path. With the help of the Bluetooth low energy(BLE) fobs attached to the RTLS, they help alert the workers when they get close to each other. This helps to prevent them from contracting any infectious disease.

  • Emergency Response Procedure

During an emergency, an organization must be prepared for ways to handle the unknown calamities that can occur. Most companies have response protocols for fire emergencies, natural disasters, and health emergencies. In this instance, the company may not know the location of their workers as some are left staggering due to the panic. A company that has embraced the use of the RTLS system can account for and direct the emergency response team on the location of every worker. The RTLS technology can help locate the workers’ last location and can be able to determine if they have left the building or they are still inside. Since the RTLS is not reliant on the entry and exit policy, it can stream accurate data and location by giving the exact time frame with the exact seconds. 

  • Path Tracing 

In an organization with a large flow of workers, path tracing can be crucial. This is when an entity can control its traffic by controlling traffic flow. Using the RTLS application, the company can call a roll call on the employees available. This application can also monitor and report about an employee that does not follow the correct pathway.


Having RTLS technology in your workplace will improve productivity, and the accountability level will be high. Apart from RTLS technology providing safety in the workplace, it can also help provide freehand access. Using this system, you can have automated door access by just contact. This can help reduce holding things and hence be hygienic and safe.