5 Trusted Websites to Sell Textbooks Online in 2021

Rohan Mathew

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If you’re searching for the trusted sites to sell your used textbooks online, follow this guide. If you want to make a reasonable profit, you need to know where and when to sell your college books. 

With a little bit of planning, you can make selling books a side business, and yes, you can make a profitable income. 

Now, there’s a high chance that you’ll not keep your college textbooks. So you should always buy your books to resell to save as much money as possible. You also need to sell them quickly because the book’s value decreases when a new edition comes out, and they will come out. 

So it’s good to prepare in advance. Fortunately, these sites can help you. So with that said, let’s begin. 

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  • BookDeal.com 

BookDeal.com offers a transparent and stress-free way of selling your college textbooks. They have extensive buyback vendors willing to purchase your books. All you have to do is type in your book’s ISBN, choose your desired quote, and ship your textbooks for free. 

You get your payment through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle when the company receives your package. The selling process is simple, so you don’t have to worry. BookDeal.com also has a guaranteed feature that ensures that you get paid. 

BookDeal.com also protects you with their Upload Book Photos feature. This feature allows you to take a photo of your books before you ship them. That ensures that your textbooks don’t get rejected or paid less than what you quoted if something happens to the package during shipment. 

  • BigWords 

BigWords is a search engine developed to help you find the best prices on college books. So even though you may end up buying books via different retailers, you can get the best prices and shipping costs. 

The site allows you to rent textbooks and compare rental prices and the price of purchases. Then, when your course ends, you can sell back your books to the highest bidder on the website. 

One caveat, though: Navigating through the site can be challenging. Regardless, it’s one of the best tools to compare prices before you sell your textbooks. 

  • Amazon 

As you probably know, Amazon is one of the largest selections of college books. In addition, you can find a massive selection of booksellers on Amazon. 

The company gives you the option to buy, sell, and rent college textbooks at a discount. And you can always sell the same books you purchased on Amazon when your classes are over. In addition, if you’re eligible for Amazon Prime, you get your books faster. 

However, we recommend that you take advantage of Amazon Student. That’s because it’s a discount version of Amazon Prime and comes with several perks too. Amazon is one of the best places to sell your textbooks, but have a plan before proceeding. 

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  • BookFinder 

BookFinder helps you search for the textbooks with the lowest prices when you buy them. It also offers the highest return when you sell back the books. You can compare new, rental, and used offers from a massive selection of sellers, including Amazon and AbeBooks. 

All that is required from you is the ISBN, author, or title. You can also ship your textbooks for free. So even though the BookFinder looks like a website from 1999, it can help you find the lowest prices. 

  • AbeBooks 

AbeBooks has a massive database of booksellers that offers fantastic discounts of up to 75% on retail prices. The company has been in the industry for many years and has always provided value to its buyers. So you can count on them. 

Furthermore, Abebooks works closely with local sellers in particular cities to get more inventory and reasonable prices. As a result, you can get the best deals for international editions of the books you need. 

AbeBooks also provides fast shipping and a return policy, ensuring that you can return any textbook for a refund in 30 days. But you only get a refund when it’s the bookseller’s fault. Even when the return period expires, the company still buys those textbooks at a reasonable price. 


Before you sell your textbooks, check out the prices at your campus bookstore first. That will give you an idea of the standard retail price. But don’t make the mistake of selling your used books there; you’ll never make a profit. 

When you use these sites, you can save hundreds of dollars and keep them for other projects. Finally, always sell your books quickly because they tend to lose value fast, especially when new editions roll out.