5 Versatile Uses of Mesh Tarps during Summer

Rohan Mathew

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5 Versatile Uses of Mesh Tarps during Summer

Mesh tarpaulin covers are one of the most useful products used for varied applications. For example, you could use it to cover your backyard from the heat and rain or use the same for a temporary shelter. 

According to an article on published on https://www.bbc.com, typhoons and hurricanes create havoc in the US, especially if you remember the Florence hurricane; it caused catastrophic damage to life and property. 

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Though ordinary tarps cannot protect you from severe storms, a heavy-duty hurricane mesh cover is your major defense tool against inclement weather conditions. In this article, we will discuss the five versatile uses of mesh tarpaulins: 

  1. Protection from extreme heat 

The scorching summer heat can burn your skin if you happen to use your backyard during these months. Then, you can enjoy the great outdoors using mesh tarpaulins for temporary shelter. All you need to do is make a teepee for your children using a tarp, cover the plants to protect them from the blistering heat, or build a cool shade for your fun-filled outdoor activities or weekend summer BBQ lunch. 

You can turn your yard into a children’s play area during the summer. A couple of items such as mesh tarpaulins, wood blocks, and recycled materials, create a fun and safe shade for your kids to play. 

  1. Sleeping bag while camping

There are multiple uses of mesh tarpaulins for your camping needs. Use it to cover your valuables, possessions, or build a sleeping bag. If you are camping under the open sky, it could be extremely cold in the woods. Therefore, while camping, you can use mesh tarps as sleeping bags to protect you from extreme cold. 

  1. Rain catchment 

When preparing for summer, you would like to collect enough rainwater so that you can nourish and nurture the plants. Instead of wasting water with a hose, collect the excess rainwater for better use. Create a rain catchment by covering a sloped area with a clean mesh tarp, like the roof of your garden shed, placing barrels in each corner to collect the rainwater.  

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  1. Ground cover to protect garden soil during summer 

The oppressive heat of summer can make your garden soil too dry, depriving your plants and flowering shrubs of water as well as the essential nutrients your foliage requires for healthy growth. 

Use mesh tarp covers to build the best heat-resistant ground cover to protect your garden. The mesh cover is also beneficial to retain the moisture of the compost. You have put much hard work, time, and effort to build your lush green garden and so prevent damage by the summer heat. Use mesh covers to protect the garden soil. 

  1. Use a tarp as a hammock

No matter whether you are camping in the open woods or looking for a place to relax in your backyard, build a hammock with a mesh tarp, which is easy and quick. You can unwind sipping red wine on a hammock or read a book lying on your hammock. 


Now that you know the many uses of mesh tarps, use the material depending on your needs. Choose the best quality tarp.