5 Ways Instagram Is Redefining The Fashion Industry

Rohan Mathew

5 Ways Instagram Is Redefining The Fashion Industry

 Instagram is a photo-sharing and story-telling mobile application. Since fashion relies primarily on strong aesthetics and graphics, the two are a natural fit. 

 Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has had a significant impact on the fashion industry. 

 It democratizes fashion, and because of the app, many fashion brands now have a stronger relationship with customers. In addition, Instagram allows businesses to develop a voice and speak more directly to their target customers. 

 Designers aren’t just concerned with the audience at the shows. Instead, they have become more open-minded about attracting a broad spectrum of fashion followers worldwide.

 If you want to be a fashion influencer on Instagram, you must get more likes on instagram. However, if you want to know how intricate the relationship between Instagram and Fashion is, we can help you.

How Is Instagram Redefining The Fashion Industry?

Instagram has been at the forefront of many fashion brands over the last few years, but that doesn’t clarify how IG changes the fashion industry. So, let’s look at the following points and clear the air. 

1: Behind-The-Scenes

Thanks to social media, the barriers between the traditionally exclusive fashion community and the general public have blurred. 

 Gone are the days when you had to wait until September to glimpse the latest collection looks in Vogue. 

Nowadays, fashion insiders use their smartphones to photograph runway looks and post them live from the show. However, some fashion designers go even further and give their fans a ‘behind the scenes’ look.

 (i). Balmain’s Creative Director, Oliver Rousteing, shared a sneak peek of his SS16 ready-to-wear collection on Instagram, where he has over one million followers. 

(ii). Stacey Bendet, the Alice and Olivia designer, routinely posts photographs and videos from her daily life, giving us an authentic look at the inspiration.

2: Social Monetization

Instagram introduced Carousel advertising, a sponsored slideshow commercial that appears on users’ Instagram feeds, in March 2015. 

The Banana Republic took advantage of this functionality by including a “Learn More” button as a purchased gateway.

 With the launch of #InstaKors in November, Michael Kors also commercialized Instagram. 

 Consumers can double-tap any image with a #InstaKors hashtag after joining their website, and an email will be delivered to them with links to purchase the products featured.

 Curalate’s Like2Buy, Instagram’s most popular purchasing feature, allows marketers to link Instagram photographs to unique URLs, linking users directly to products on their website. Charlotte Russe obtained a 60 percent click-through rate six months after launching Like2Buy.

3: Brand Identity

Thanks to visual storytelling, fashion businesses and retailers are now adopting Instagram as their major medium to communicate brand personality. 

 Consumers should get a sense of a brand’s culture, lifestyle, and products just by looking at its Instagram profile.

 Fashion brands are now embracing Instagram to express brand personality through visual storytelling.

 Burberry’s Instagram account is dedicated to promoting products and revealing the brand’s opulent lifestyle. With a profile flooded with inspirational sayings and serene photos, Free People exposes its festival-happy, boho aesthetic.

4: Homegrown Fashion Labels

Consumers’ attention isn’t just drawn to the bigger companies; local brands have also gained traction. 

 In an interview with Vogue, Eva Chen said, Instagram empowers small businesses and democratizes opportunity, allowing individuals, innovators, and rising brands the chance to reach a worldwide audience.

 Whether you like it or not, Instagram has altered how we think about fashion in recent years, making it about much more than just reading through celebrity OOTDs and uploading your own. 

It’ll be intriguing to see what the future holds for fashionistas.

5: Community Engagement

Allowing customers to sell themselves is one of the most inventive marketing techniques. 

Brands can generate a lot of community interaction by using Instagram. The well-known hashtag continues to be a reliable and useful tool for expanding reach.

Brands can generate a lot of community interaction by using Instagram.

For example, Urban Outfitters has a promotion called #UOonyou, in which customers post photos of themselves wearing Urban Outfitters items and include the hashtag #UOonyou in the description. 

This lets customers participate actively in the brand while also selling it to their own followers.

Fashion Is In Our Blood!!!

Instagram is to millennials what morning coffee is to the rest of us: an unavoidable part of daily existence. 

If your screen time is any indicator, the social media site likely takes up the majority of your time on your phone. 

From Burberry and Roberto Cavalli introducing their CEOs on Instagram to Sabyasachi unveiling his full collection on the platform, it’s fair to say that Instagram has already transformed the fashion business beyond what was imagined.

So, if you want more information on them, ping us in the comment box below.