6 Benefits of E-signature Software in the Education Industry

Rohan Mathew

 People in the education landscape are often frustrated by plenty of time-consuming paperwork. It can take plenty of time and may also delay the opening of new sessions. Therefore, embracing electronic signatures software becomes important. Many learning institutions are adopting this digital technology to digitize the entire documentation process and wrap up tedious tasks within a short time. 

Everything from school applications, class enrollment, student on-boarding, teacher recruitment, and other vital processes will be managed quickly with digital signatures. This paperless technology also saves time for school administrations, teachers, and students while boosting productivity. The additional time spared from performing tedious work can now be used to perform essential tasks.

Smart Reasons to Adopt Electronic Signatures in the Education Sector

Below are the perks of adopting the best e-signature software within the education industry:

  1. Improved Safety

The databases of educational institutions are loaded with sensitive documents containing student and staff. It needs to be well secured against theft. 

With electronic signature software, you can secure these essential documents whenever necessary on a safe platform. As more documents are shared online, there are zero more documents missing, tampering, or misplaced cases.

Moreover, users get instant notification when anyone tries to make changes to the files. eSign Genie allows you to find out when the document is signed, who did it, and where.

  1. Automate Workflow 

Every year, plenty of admission and enrolment is done in schools and academic regions. The manual processes bring stress and chaos. Thus, to simplify the admissions using e-signature software is a good idea. It allows education institutes to perform quick actions and complete the tedious task of enrolment and admission well.

eSignature software lets you share admission forms online to a wide range of students. Parents and students can use a cloud-based system for uploading important documents and form submission. This system takes minimal time and also lowers the use of paper. Using less paper helps you ensure that you use a fair share of the earth’s resources.

eSign documents help institutions transform solutions to deliver the requirements and unique needs to their students and staff. It also automates workflows for effective administrative processes. 

This allows easy management of the documents and avoids the hassle of posting and faxing. Electronic signatures also allow you to minimize the time required to manually fill out each document, rekeying the data, track down lost documents, etc.

  1. Streamline Student Application Process

As you know, traditional paper-based application processes for event registration, student admissions, and fee collections are hectic and time-consuming. Thus, an excellent way to turn your frenzied admission processes into smoother ones is to use excellent eSignature software.

The online digital signature system brings speed and great visibility while streamlining the whole process to benefit every party. In this mobile-first world, phone optimization is essential in the education sector. With eSignature software, users can effectively communicate with the management team via their phone hassle-free.

With the best eSignature solution like eSign Genie, students, staff members, and parents can sign documents from anywhere. This cuts the need to visit the schools in person to sign documents and streamline the paperwork considerably. Furthermore, this software alerts the users about any mandatory fields and signature locations. It helps managers to track documents in real-time.

  1. Save Plenty of Time and Cut Down Cost

All documents signed electronically are stored on the cloud in one place, within easy and fast reach. Thus, they are much simple to retrieve whenever needed. With a few clicks, you will get your necessary document. Thus, no time gets wasted on searching for a lost or old file. It also removes the risk of fraud, theft, and loss.

Moreover, parents who are not able to visit personally can eSign documents using eSignatures. Students also no longer need to waste time searching for a course instructor or another school representative to get a signed document.

Since the document authentication process is fully managed online, students no longer need to track down the management team or professor for approvals. Thus, add reliable electronic signature software to a school software toolkit to save time while boosting the overall academic experience.

Traditional paper-based education processes also involve plenty of costs, like printer maintenance, paper-ink, storage, postage, or shipping costs. You can cut off that cost by using a top-notch digital signature solution.

  1. SeamlessThird-Party Integration

Learning institutes use software solutions and other applications integrated for seamless data transfers. The majority of e-signature software systems will allow you to blend with your existing systems and applications.

It includes student records management, sales automation, enterprise content management, and document management software. Moreover, you no longer need to deal with entering data into a system manually.

  1. Creates Error-Free Admission Process and Builds Reputation

The education sector communicates values and culture that line up with the needs of guardians and students. Today, parents, teachers, and students want everything to be performed digitally. 

Manual admission management invites tons of errors. Processing huge piles of applications, admission deadlines, and managing admission create plenty of pressure during admission. An online signature platform removes the need for the physical paper to complete transactions. It also lowers the risk of human errors and burden.

Furthermore, plenty of educational institutions require financing to research proposals. The use of electronic signatures offers excellent accuracy in the submission of proposals. An advanced eSignature platform also offers an enhanced reputation for educational institutes.


It is paramount for the educational sector to maintain its administrative staff equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure everything runs smoothly. Many education institutions are gradually adopting electronic signatures to streamline how they operate at the administrative levels to offer an incredible academic experience.

This allows users to get rid of the essential paperwork and streamline the processes while also lowering errors. eSign solution also allows them to add signature in word. Using eSign Genie automates the process, increases productivity, streamlines financial transactions and improves the overall educational experience for students and guardians.