6 Bitcoin Success Stories

Rohan Mathew

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When bitcoin was first launched in 2009, no one could have predicted that it will become a success that will make many people millionaires and billionaires—especially the early adopters who believed in bitcoin from the beginning. In 2020, bitcoin’s price is in an upward trend, and it is one of the factors that motivate people to become investors. Here you will find six success stories about people that achieved financial independence and made a fortune thanks to bitcoin.

Satoshi Nakamoto

On our list, we must include the creator of bitcoin, who is the reason today we have innovations like bitcoin, blockchain technology, and other cryptocurrencies today. Satoshi made billions from his innovations, and his wealth is estimated at $8.8 billion. The identity of Satoshi is unknown to this day, but there have been many speculations in the media of who might be the creator of bitcoin. His fortune has earned him a spot on the richest men in the world list.

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Jeremy Gardner

This is also another entrepreneur that made millions of dollars thanks to smart crypto investments. He is the founder of the Blockchain Education Network and Augur. Jeremy Gardner started to invest heavily in BTC around 2014, and he made several investments worth thousands of dollars. Now Jeremy Gardner’s net worth is estimated at $300 million.  

He is also known as the owner of the ‘Crypto Castles’, where crypto investors and start-ups can cooperate and rent the apartments. The ‘Crypto Castles’ is based in Miami and San Francisco.

Kingsley Advani 

Kingsley Advani is one of those people who aren’t afraid to take risks. He sold everything he owned, including his laptop, and invested all of his money in BTC and crypto start-ups. The seemingly crazy idea had paid off for him because when bitcoin’s price skyrocketed to $20,000 in 2017, he became a millionaire. As one of the youngest millionaires ( he was only 24 years old when he made a fortune), he decided to quit his job and now works as an advisor and investor for different companies all around the world.

Online exchange platforms made it possible for people to invest in BTC and, eventually, other cryptocurrencies. They are also the main way most people managed to get rich. Fortunately, today there is an abundance of online exchange sites that you can choose from.

Bitcoin Up is an exchange platform where you can earn up to $2,500, while you just need to make a deposit of $250 on the Bitcoin up website. The site is mobile–friendly, while they recently released an app on Google Play. And because this is an automated trading system, you don’t need to work extra hard or have extensive knowledge about bitcoin.

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Charlie Shrem 

Charlie Shrem was a student in college when he got interested in crypto and became an investor. He initially invested in BTC when the price was really low and made a greater investment, buying thousands of BTC when their price increased to $20.

His investment made him rich eventually in 2017 when the price of bitcoin surpassed $20,000. His interest in crypto has become a professional occupation, and he founded a bitcoin exchange site (this business ceased to operate in 2014) called BitInstant. His fortune is estimated at $45 million. Charlie Shrem is also one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Foundation.

 Erik Finman

Erik Finman is the youngest on the list, and he became a millionaire when he was just 18 years old. Erik got $1,000 from his grandmother and decided to buy BTC with the money. This was in 2011, and when the price of bitcoin increased, he became rich before he graduated from high school.

He is, in fact, a high school dropout that became an entrepreneur and started a start-up for online learning called Botangle. He is still a crypto investor but has also invested in other cryptocurrencies.  From his investment, Erik Finman has earned $4.8 million.

Dave Carlson 

Dave Carlson got rich thanks to mining. Early on, there weren’t official exchange platforms to get BTC, and most people that obtained BTC were miners. Dave Carlson was a Microsoft engineer who thought that bitcoin mining would be profitable for him. It was a good decision as he built a wealth estimated at $350 million.

Nowadays, it is much more difficult to mine on your own, and people like Dave Carlson has either joined a mining pool or formed mining facilities that allow them to mine or on a larger scale. This is what he did exactly, and as an entrepreneur, he is the founder of several businesses in the blockchain industry. In conclusion, there are many possibilities today to become a crypto investor and reach your profit goals on reliable online trading platforms.