6 Epic Thrillers on Netflix That Will Blow Your Mind!

Rohan Mathew

6 Epic Thrillers on Netflix That Will Blow Your Mind!

Do you like the sound of a thrilling drama? Good, because we’re not surprised to find you here. Rather, we have been waiting for you!

Intense dramas are a favorite amongst movie-buffs, and we don’t blame you. The gripping plot that keeps you on the edge of the seat, your mind unraveling a thousand clues per second, and your jaw dropping because you experienced a beautiful plot twist. It is a different kind of addiction!

Gladly, we share your interest and couldn’t stop ourselves from indulging in the beauty that is plot twists. Sure, we’ll give you a minute to admire the thrilling plots in the history of movies.

Done? Hear this. The list we have here might change your mind about the best thrillers. You don’t believe us? Keep reading.

The Signal

Director: William Eubank

Cast: Brenton Thwaites; Olivia Cooke; Beau Knapp; Lin Shaye; Robert Longstreet; Laurence Fishburne

Year Released: 2014

Which movie has the biggest plot twist? Forget it because this one will blow your mind.

Just a bonus tip! Watch till the end. Because whichever way you think this movie will end, you are going to be proved horribly wrong.

It is one of those mysterious dramas that start off typical in a mysterious land, escaping the scientists. But as you follow the journey of these three college students, you’ll be feeling both restless and amazed at the way they have tackled superstition. A hint, Area 51 has been creating quite the buzz lately.

Black Mirror

Written By: Charlie Brooker; Konnie Huq; Jesse Armstrong; Rashida Jones; Michael Schur; William Bridges

Seasons: 5 (22 episodes), 1 feature film names Bandersnatch

Year Released: 2011

Black Mirror has 5 seasons. So, a binge-watch? Yes, consider it our gift because we wanted you to have a lovely weekend.

This TV series is a collection of mind-numbing episodes that makes you think twice about the society that surrounds us. But an interesting connection between all episodes is how technology has profoundly affected us.

Just a trigger warning. After binge-watching the whole series, the mirror of your illusion will break because this fantasy-based drama feels too real to be a lie. 

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Director: Charlie Kaufman

Cast: Jesse Plemons; Jessie Buckley; Toni Collette; David Thewlis

Year Released: 2020

If you haven’t heard about this movie, then you are missing out on a major heartbreak. Yes, a heartbreaking thrill whose story you’ll applaud for days to come.

The narrative is taken from the novel written by Iain Reid, and man, did he pull off an amazing story. The one bad thing about thrillers is that they are sometimes confusing, which is exactly what you might feel during this one.

But when the knot of this movie untangles, you’ll feel both sad and surprised at human nature. And how vulnerable we are with our emotions.


Director: Alex Garland

Cast: Natalie Portman; Jennifer Jason Leigh; Gina Rodriguez; Tessa Thompson; Tuva Novotny; Oscar Isaac

Year Released: 2018

Do you like sci-fi thrillers? You will adore this one, for sure!

This movie will keep you on the edge of your seats because it is an action-packed, mesmerizing, and mystery drama that keeps you hanging with all the hidden clues. You would even get an inkling feeling of horror because of the great cinematics of murders in the feature film.

Everything that you know about aliens and forbidden lands, throw them out of your mind! Because this story is both special and nothing you would expect from a sci-fi movie.

Plus, there is a surprise ending waiting to sweep you off your feet.

I Care a Lot

Director: J Blakeson

Cast: Rosamund Pike; Peter Dinklage; Eiza González; Chris Messina; Dianne Wiest

Year Released: 2021

Have you seen too many depressing psychological thrillers? Here is a thriller to refreshen your movie list.

This motion picture features a comedic spark in its exciting plot and a con artist. Oh, we didn’t tell you? It is a story about a hustler who takes money from the elderly. But, sick as it may sound, things do not quite go as planned.

The plot will leave you gripping your fingernails as you sit back and enjoy the thefts of this con-woman.


Written By: Hans Rosenfeldt, Nicola Larder, Camilla Ahlgren, Mark Greig

Seasons: 3

Year Released: 2016

Wait, we have a crime thriller too! We knew you’d be waiting for this one!

Marcella is a TV series that expands to three seasons. The show hosts a detective who solves crimes on the go. Pretty much the basic deal, right? No. The crime scenes in the middle are entangled in an entangled story that creates its own twists for the detective.

It makes this a must-watch for all the thrill-seekers. Also, you can dedicate the whole weekend to this serial as it has 24 major episodes. As a bonus, you might encounter little clues along with the episodes as the mystery unfolds itself near the end.


Have you picked one to watch? Then, why are you still here? Grab the popcorn and start binging.

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