6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Lockers

Rohan Mathew

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In This Article We learn about 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Office Lockers:

Worldwide, only 13% of employees consider themselves to be engaged in their work. Therein lies one of the primary drivers of turnover in companies.

How can you make an employee more engaged? By investing in them and their environment so they feel comfortable.

While it may not seem like an obvious means to that end, installing office lockers is among the many ways you can help fuel happiness on your team.

Lockers give employees private, secure spaces to store their belongings which keeps their heads more on what they’re doing and less on the safety of their property.

If you’re considering installing lockers in your office, think over the following before making your purchase!

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  1. Door/Frame

The very first question you’ll ask yourself when selecting office lockers is which material you’ll use for its door and frame.

Your locker’s door and frame will have serious implications on your locker’s durability. The stronger you need your lockers to be, the more heavy-duty material you’ll need to invest in which will affect cost.

Will only your employees have access to your lockers? How many employees do you have? Will visitors be allowed in your employee locker room?

These are all questions that can help you determine how much you may need to invest in durability.

  1. Internal Compartments

Having tall lockers that are hollow inside doesn’t serve your employees all that well. Lockers with hooks for coats and compartments for small items will go a much longer way.

Look for lockers that seem pragmatic from a compartmental perspective. You don’t have to go overboard but remember, the aim of installing lockers is to make your team feel like their comfort was invested in.

  1. Lock Type

Lock types vary widely across office lockers.

There is the traditional padlock and key arrangement. Some lockers use dial locks. You can even buy electronic lockers here that are fully digital!

Think over your budget for lockers and go with the most robust and convenient lock technology you can afford.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is an often forgotten yet seriously important thing to think about when locker shopping. Without it, snacks can spoil in lockers, horrendous smells can get trapped in, and also, you risk people’s safety in the unlikely event that they get trapped inside of a locker.

Anytime you have lockers in a place where several people will be accessing them unsupervised, you need to make sure your lockers are sporting vents.

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  1. Extras

After you’ve checked all of your essential, pragmatic needs off of your locker list, you can move onto investing in a handful of “nice to haves”.

For example, electronics chargers are a great thing to slip into employee lockers. Nameplates for easy identification are also a fun element that’s worth investing in.

  1. Color

If you’re going to invest in lockers, they may as well look good. Pick a locker color that matches the overall ambiance of the room they’ll be in.

For added fun, have your team vote on the color of your lockers!

Office Lockers Make Workplaces Feel More Secure

Security means everything when it comes to comfort and office lockers bring that sense of security to your workplace.

We hope the considerations we’ve shared with you inspire you to not only invest in lockers but to get lockers that really support your team’s needs. Should you need more advice on lockers or other workplace matters, we welcome you to check out additional content on our blog.