6 Latest Website Design Trends In 2021

Rohan Mathew

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6 Latest Website Design Trends in 2021

Website design has come a long day in the last few years. Any website designed 5 years ago is obsolete today. In fact, a site built even a year back needs to be re-designed as the trends keep changing every year. Here are a few latest website design trends of 2021.

  1. Placing Call to Action Not Above the Fold:

A few years back, it was quite a popular trend to place the Call-to-Action element above the fold. The idea was to subtly push users to engage. This method has become obsolete now, especially because of the higher usage of mobile websites. Adding CTA above the fold on mobile means only that it will take all the screen space. Users are interested in knowing more about the website content before they share any information. If you insist on sharing information first, that may look shady to them, and they may leave the site even before they read further about business. Place the CTA element after you have explained how engaging with your company will benefit them so that they are convinced to share their information with you.

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  1. Multimedia Experience:

As most people browse webpages using faster internet, it is possible to include a multimedia experience by bringing text, video, audio, and visuals together to offer your users with rich experience. You can always find free audio on YouTube to use. Learn how to download music from YouTube and use it to make the site look and feel dynamic. Remember to not complex things much and avoid making the webpage too distracting, especially to avoid overwhelming people with cognitive disorders. Also, auto-play should be strictly avoided. Instead, provide a clear play button for the users to choose to play or pause the content.

  1. 3D Visualization:

With online shopping on the rise, shoppers are always looking to get a clear image of the product they will receive. Many online shopping sites use 3D product configurator so that users can check out the product in 3D to ensure that they buy the right item.

  1. The Dark Mode:

Keeping a white background has been in trend for years, and it is still trending, but dark mode webpage designs are picking up now. Especially because they add an impact and are easy for the eyes, especially when viewed in darkness.

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  1. Minimalism:

This is one trend that seems to have fixed its roots deep in the web design industry. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice many people make nowadays, and it is also preferred when it comes to web design. It is still trending as it clearly gives maximum conversion rates. Adding too many distracting elements takes away the importance of the essential content on the page. A minimalistic page does not distract users from looking away from important elements, which only improves engagement.

  1. Accessibility:

This is one important trend that is picking up this year. Designing your website to be accessible to people with disabilities and adhering to the proper ADA website compliance would not only attract more visitors, it would also prevent lawsuits.. You can add Alt Text to the images. The website should be screen reader-friendly. Add captions if you place any video or podcast on the site. Avoid flashy contents as well, which may be uncomfortable for epileptic people.

Remember to keep tweaking your website as per the latest trends to be relevant in the business and make your site easy to access for users.