6 Things to Remember Before Choosing Your Bridal Jewellery

Rohan Mathew

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Jewellery is something which cannot be neglected or ignored on a wedding day, and it forms an integral component of a bride’s overall makeup. For her to look glamorous and enhance her beauty on the biggest day of her life, bridal Jewellery plays an important role to add to the bride’s aura and be a significant part of her wedding day.

Every bride in the world wants to look most beautiful and unique, and it can be achieved by using that bridal jewellery collection and dress which is perfectly suited for the woman’s personality, her looks, her body structure and other aspects.

So choosing the perfect bridal jewellery like necklaces, rings, gold bangles and much more can be a little overwhelming. We are here to tell you 6 most important things that can help you look stunning and a highlight at your wedding, which you rightly deserve so:

#1: Your Jewellery should compliment your dress and overall appearance

The balance between your dress and jewellery should be optimally maintained. If you’re wearing a simple lightweight, less ornamental dress then heavy jewellery would be perfect. If you’re wearing a heavy, ornamental and intricate dress then the simple polished jewellery would look stunning.

If you wore a simple dress with simple jewellery, it may not look very attractive, and if you wear a heavy set of jewellery as well as dress, people will be focused on understanding and looking at your jewellery and dress rather than you as a bride. That’s why the dresses and even the overall colour profile of the attire should be carefully chosen.

#2: Choose the Jewellery designs that match your facial features

Your dress neckline will be one of the important aspects on which you have to choose your jewellery or vice versa. They should support each other in a way which would highlight your face, not overpower it.

For example, a strapless neckline would be perfect for a big luxurious necklace. A plugging necklace would be perfect for a ‘V’ shaped (plunging) neckline. If you have a dress with a high neckline, a necklace would not be a suitable choice then, because your dress will be close to your neck (throat). In this case, you can wear a dress complimenting luxurious gold Kada along with matching earrings.

#3: Make sure your Earrings match your hairstyle

This is not a very important part, but going a bit of an extra mile on your special day wouldn’t hurt. Would it?

While buying a necklace and/or earrings, you must keep in mind the hairstyle you’ll have on your wedding day and try to imagine if it would go with it or not. You can also try it beforehand to have a clear picture. Keep in mind that, whatever the hairstyle, the earring should always be visible from a bit far, and they should be one of the highlights of your personality. They shouldn’t be hidden or distracting from your hairstyle.

#4: Say ‘no’ to too many colours in Jewellery

Using too many colours in your wedding jewellery is a big ‘no-no’. It will not look good and will take eyes off of you. People will be looking at each of your jewellery pieces one by one which is not something a bride wants. Instead, choosing a similar coloured and styled jewellery will make ‘YOU’ look highly attractive as this jewellery will be seen as an extension of you, not the other way around.

#5: Metal of the Jewellery should match your skin tone

This one should be carefully considered while choosing your jewellery. You may sometimes like a jewellery item, but if it doesn’t go with skin tone, it may not be a good choice.

#6: Prefer Lightweight earrings but looking heavy in design

You’ll be spending a lot of time wearing jewellery throughout the day (or maybe more) so make sure the earrings you’re wearing aren’t too heavy to cause any pain or swelling.

Even though you may think some pain is okay for some time in exchange for a little more beauty, you definitely don’t want your wedding memories tainted by the memory of pain every time you look at these earrings or wedding photos.

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This wonderful occasion is something you’ll remember forever so make sure you are happy with everything around you; like your dress, your jewellery, your friends and family. Choosing the trousseau which is very comfortable will be a very good investment. Then all you need to focus on is your wedding and how gorgeous and beautiful your life is going to be from this day forward.

We wish you good luck on your special day and may you have a wonderful and fulfilling life ahead.