6 tips for choosing land to build your house

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

During a single-family house construction project, the choice of land is an essential first step. Before going to choose a construction firm, calculista all, prepare the budget, etc., you need to choose your land.

Here are some tips to follow to lead your project more calmly.

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Tip 1: Make a list of criteria

Every project starts with a wish list. Make a list of criteria for your future home and prioritize it.

Construction material, number of bedrooms, number of floors, swimming pool, attached garage, orientation of the living room, color of the shutters… The smallest detail can influence your decision to buy or not a land.

Tip 2: Get information from the town hall

Before going too far locally in your search for land for sale, check with the town hall to know the authorizations and especially the restrictions in terms of construction of single-family houses.

Each municipality has its own rules in terms of architectural style and construction materials. In some neighborhoods, you will even be forced to respect the color code for roofs or facades.

– If you have a clear idea of ​​your ideal home, you might as well make sure from the start that it is compatible with your land search.

– Focus on servicing

– Land is said to be “serviced” if it is easily connectable to drinking water, electricity, gas, telephone, internet and possibly sewage networks. Servicing has a cost – which you pay either in the purchase price or by carrying out connection work afterwards – and it can give you information on the constructability of the land.

Tip 3: Choose the location wisely

As with existing homes, location is important when purchasing your land. Take an interest in the current and future environment!

In real estate, we always buy with the aim of reselling. Put the odds on your side by favoring land near schools, shops, doctors and public transport. Obviously, be careful with the proximity to the main roads, railways, air corridors and even the surrounding cultivable fields which could cause nuisance and depreciate your purchase.

Meet there several times, if possible in different weather conditions. A big thunderstorm can give you indications of the nature of the soil, and therefore the measures to take if you buy this land.

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Tip 4: Choose your construction model

Who will carry out your construction project? Two solutions are available to you:

Buy land “with an imposed builder”: by buying your land and your house from a professional (builder of single-family homes or developers-developers), you benefit from more guarantees, particularly with regard to the servicing of the land.

Buy “builder-free” land: by buying land alone, you are then free to choose who will build the house of your dreams: an architect, a craftsman, a professional builder and why not yourself.

The purchase of land can be done within a subdivision. If this requires you to comply with specifications to maintain harmony between the different constructions, the purchase of a plot of land offers many advantages: serviced land, wooded areas and neighborhood life.

Who sells land?

You can find advertisements of land for sale at:

  • real estate agencies
  • developers and developers
  • builders of individual houses
  • town halls
  • individuals

Tip 5: Check the amount of local taxes

Many buyers forget to include the amount of their future taxes in their construction project. A low price per square meter can hide a high housing tax and a high property tax!

Tip 6: Get professional support

Building a house cannot be improvised! We must think about the orientation of the living rooms (for brightness and energy savings), the size of the house in relation to the size of the land, the distribution of the rooms, the nature of the soil, the solutions of sanitation, servicing …

Hopefully the 6 tips above can help you find the most suitable land.