7 Reasons You Should Incorporate Neon Lights to Your Home Design

Rohan Mathew

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 Neon lights have been used by business establishments for decades, because they are great for attracting attention. They also add a sense of flair to any design. In the past few years though, home owners have also been dabbling with neon lights in designing their homes. Which makes you wonder, why should you invest in neon lights? What unique features do they bring to the table? Here are 7 Reasons you should incorporate neon lights to your home design:

  • They Have a Timeless Quality to Them

One of the best things about using neon lights, is the fact that they have a timeless quality to them. Whether they are used in a Hawaiian restaurant or a 50’s-themed bar, neon signs always look classy. So it is a good idea to incorporate neon lights into your home design as well. 

Neon lights have a certain charm and longevity to them. They don’t fall out of fashion compared to other design features, and they can be considered both futuristic and retro at the same time. Overall, neon lights are a truly timeless design feature, and you should incorporate them into your home design as much as possible.

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  • They Are Easy to Install

Back in the early days of neon light technology, you had to have a professional install it for you. It would have cost you a small fortune to set up a neon light design. The difficulty of installation is one of the main reasons why homeowners did not consider neon lights as a decoration option. 

In the past few decades though, new strides were made in neon light technology. Neon light companies such as Ginde Star, have come up with neon light designs that allow homeowners to set up their neon signs themselves.

These new types of neon lights are easy to cut and mold to specific shapes. They are also made up of more flexible material, which makes them so much easier to secure to the wall or a platform. With these new types of neon lights, you won’t need to spend a great deal on installation. 

  • They Are Very Durable

When neon lights were first created, they were predominantly made of glass and were prone to breaking and shorting out. However, in the past few decades new types of neon lights were created. 

The more recent ones are made of PVC and silicon, and they are a lot more durable and can withstand a great deal of punishment before shorting out. They are also easier to maintain, because the neon lights can be added piece by piece instead of as a whole unit. So if a part of the neon sign shorts out, you can just replace that specific part. This will help you save a great deal on repairs. 

  • They Are Easy to Customize

The more modern neon lights are made very flexible and can be cut to specific dimensions. They are made of durable PVC and silicon, and can be shaped into various designs. They can also be formed into specific verses that will add a certain flair and focal point for your rooms. 

By using neon lights in your home design, you can truly personalize your living spaces. You can create a futuristic design or one with a more retro feel. You can even emphasize a more minimalist design by using cool colored neon lights. All in all, neon lights are extremely versatile and can be used to create a myriad of neon decorations for your home. 

  • Great Alternatives to Light Bulbs

Aside from decorative purposes, neon lights can also be used as a lighting alternative. Light bulbs can be a bit boring and you can’t really personalize them. Neon lights on the other hand are very flexible and can still give off as much light as most light bulbs. 

Just be careful when choosing neon lights. Some types of neon lights can be quite glaring, and it would be too bright for everyday use. You should instead choose neon lights that have a cool or warm glow. This will give your home a more comfortable and inviting feel. 

  • They Can Be Used for Various Holidays

Aside from home decorations, neon lights are also great for holidays and celebrations. Whether it is Halloween or Christmas time, you can use neon lights to elevate any events in your home. Modern neon lights are a lot less expensive and they can be stored for future use. 

They are also long lasting and can be used right away, despite being stored for most of the year. So whether you are going to decorate your Christmas tree or create a scary haunted house for Halloween, neon lights are still very potent decorative tools.

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  • They Help Tie the Room Together

When you decorate your home, you should strive to achieve harmony with all your decorations. This is where neon lights come in very handy. By adding a neon sign or some neon light designs to your home, you will have a centerpiece that will tie the room together. 

When you create a neon light design for your home, it should be striking enough to attract people’s attention, but not too ghastly or bright that it will turn them off.  As a whole, your neon light designs should be both subtle yet eye-catching. 


Home decoration has evolved a great deal throughout the decades. Nowadays, homeowners have expanded their decorating repertoires to new concepts. One such concept is neon lights. But what makes neon lights such a great home decoration option? With these reasons, you’ll know the merits of using neon lights in your home design.