6 tips to ensure your kid’s health and safety on a vacation

Rohan Mathew

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6 tips to ensure your kid’s health and safety on a vacation

A vacation with the family is a must-needed break that not only rejuvenates you but also benefits your health. It also serves as a great learning experience for kids who get to explore a completely new place.

However, travelling with kids is a demanding task and can be discouraging at times. All your

time goes into planning and ensuring their safety and enjoyment. From where to buy

toddler booster seats affordably to arranging for toys and extra diapers, you have to handle

a whole lot of things.

And, after doing all that, you are still worried about their wellbeing on the entire trip. To reduce

down your worries, here are some tips to help you ensure their good health and safety while

enjoying the journey.

  • Buckle up

Whether you are travelling in your car or likely to hire one, bringing a car seat is always a

good idea. Based on their weight and age, you would need a rear-facing seat, forward-facing seat, or a booster seat. Having the right type of seat which is also sturdy and well-

maintained ensures that your kids are safe while sitting or sleeping in the car.

  • Plan the travel time smartly

Travel time is more crucial with kids than you might think. Whether you are flying across time

zones or just going to a nearby city via the road, you have to choose the travel time wisely.

Time zone differences can create several issues such as sleep disorder, upset stomach,

and tiredness. Make sure you adjust your kid’s sleeping routine at least two to three days before the trip and ensure they have plenty of sleep. Even on a small distance road trip, it is better to

cover the journey while they are asleep.

  • Food and water quality

The desire to snack begins as soon as you start your journey. Even elders tend to eat more on

vacations, let alone children. However, these irregular eating habits can cause a troubled

stomach. Also, kids are more likely to binge on unhealthy foods. Make sure whatever your kids are eating and drinking is hygienic and fresh to avoid sickness. It is better to carry as

much stuff from home is possible instead of buying along the way.

  • First-aid

It’s a vacation: children will play, run around, and are more likely to fall or hurt themselves

than at home. A handy first aid kit with bandages, antiseptics and more will help you treat them

immediately. It will ensure that their injuries are well-taken care of and also liberates you

from worry and an unnecessary rush to the nearest pharmacy.

  • Vaccinations

This is a special consideration as some places are risky or need certain vaccinations

before you visit them. For instance, you might need a vaccine for yellow fever before

traveling to tropical South America. You need to plan well ahead for these vaccinations

as they would take time to kick-start your immune system. Make sure your kids have received the necessary shots and are safe to visit such places.

  • Hygiene habits

Lastly, cultivating some good hygiene habits in your kids can significantly help you on

vacations. If your kids have a habit of washing hands before eating, you need not worry

about unfortunate illnesses every time they go out to play. Simple good hygiene like washing hands and brushing teeth regularly helps to keep sickness at bay, especially on vacations.