6 Updates That’ll Transform Your Bathroom

Rohan Mathew

A bathroom should serve as an oasis away from the rest of the world. It is the one room in the home where you can lock the door behind you and enjoy guaranteed privacy. However, if your bathroom appears unloved or unstylish, you might prefer to relax in another room in the home.

If you dream of unwinding in a spa-like setting, you must make a few adjustments to your current space. Here are six updates that’ll transform your bathroom.

  • Boost Your Shower Pressure

If you don’t feel squeaky clean after a shower, you might need to replace your shower head to enjoy increased pressure. It will allow you to enjoy a pleasant soak, which will wake you up every morning or make you feel refreshed after a long day. Swapping your shower head is an effective update that’s much cheaper than replacing a unit.

  • Replace Your Radiator

Help your bathroom ooze style and sophistication by installing a stylish radiator. It will not only warm up the space, but it is a luxurious feature that will grab guests’ attention. You can choose from many sophisticated radiators to match your interior, taste, and budget, such as a heated towel rail, horizontal stainless-steel radiator, or mirror radiator.

  • Switch Your Faucet

A faucet can experience much wear and tear over the years, which may result in visible scratches or a build-up of limescale. If this sounds familiar, replace your faucet with low-shine or black-coated options. They will appear fresh and contemporary, and you will not need to polish them regularly to maintain their shine.

  • Give Your Walls a Lick of Paint

Plain white walls can make a bathroom appear clinical and uninviting. Create a more relaxing environment by giving the walls a fresh lick of paint in a soothing color. Light blue is a great choice, as you will feel calm and relaxed from the moment you step inside the space. Cool colors are the best pick for a spa-style bathroom, such as blue and green shades.

  • Introduce Storage Solutions

Loose items can make your bathroom appear cluttered, cramped, and uninviting. Eliminate the mess by introducing storage solutions across your bathroom. For example, you can make the most of wall space by mounting shelving, storing prescription or over-the-counter medication in a medicine cabinet, or hiding loose products inside an under-sink cabinet. Also, store toilet rolls or extra towels in wicker storage baskets, which will improve organization and create a more stylish interior.

  • Choose Large Format Tiles

Large-format tiles have become a popular option in bathrooms of every size. The sophisticated, modern design provides an attractive finish that will impress your guests. Plus, they are lower maintenance than small tiles, as there is less grouting to clean. 

If you have fallen out of love with your bathroom, it’s time to make a change or two to transform the space and create a tranquil oasis. You can trust you’ll soon be dreaming of a long soak in the bath or a hot shower after a long day.