7 Best Ways To Be More Productive

Rohan Mathew

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We all want our business to grow and multiply. We are constantly introducing innovations into the processes we are accustomed to, developing social networks, ordering the development of mobile applications on ego-cms.com, modernizing landing pages, updating online stores, etc. But in this mess, we completely forget that our personal productivity is the main guarantee of business efficiency. Therefore, it is important to be able to optimize it as well.

We present to your attention the 7 best apps for increasing personal productivity.

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Plan your time

Everyone knows that there can be no question of any efficiency without setting goals and planning your time. The Todoist.com mobile app and service is great for these tasks. Here you can create to-do lists, organize them by projects, set deadlines, prioritize. In general, all you need to do to maximize the productive use of the most important resource – time. In addition to simplicity and convenience, the service provides the ability to synchronize your affairs on all devices used. The main features of the application are provided for free, and the owners of the premium account get 20 more useful additional features.

Organize your notes

Write down so you don’t forget anything. For these purposes, you can use one of the applications – notebooks, organizers, of which there are plenty. For example, using the well-known service Evernote, you can write notes, take photos and audio recordings, save and access them from any of your devices. It is a very useful tool for storing information.

Use cloud services to store documents

So that not a minute of your time is wasted, it is necessary that you have access to working documents wherever you are. And again, cloud technologies come to our rescue: store the most important data on Yandex.Disk, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox. This will allow you to solve problems even while on the road.

Plan your travels

Not only work should be productive, but also rest. If you are going on a trip, it will not be superfluous to plan everything well. TripAdvisor City Guides will save you a lot of time planning your travel itineraries. Another important feature of the latest app is the ability to read reviews from other travelers about the places you intend to visit.

Collect all social networks into one

If your social media presence is not limited to the main CIS network, a great way to combine the streams of information from all accounts in one place is to use the Hootsuite service. The service has both browser and mobile versions, and built-in applications allow, in addition to social networks, to add a Youtube feed, personal Evernote notes, and much more.

Record and analyze your sports achievements

Today being in shape means being in trend. There are many mobile applications on the market for athletes and those who lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are monitoring your weight, applications will calculate the number of calories burned, you run – kilometers, steps, speed, and heart rate. For example, Runtastic offers a family of free and paid exercise apps that can help you track your progress, organize your progress, and increase motivation.

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Sleep better

It’s hard to be toned and efficient throughout the day if you don’t have a specific regimen, your biorhythms are thrown off and you have trouble sleeping. The Sleep Time mobile app from Azumio Inc can be of invaluable help. Thanks to him, you will wake up in the morning at the most favorable moment of the phase of REM sleep. The application chooses the optimal time to wake up from the time interval you set. This will make you feel refreshed every day.