The Advantages of Buying a Ready-to-Use Company in Hong Kong

Rohan Mathew

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When planning on investing in a Hong Kong company, you may realize that the steps to start one from scratch are very stressful and laborious. If you have already decided to run a business in Hong Kong and want to be free of all the registration and licensing processing, you can buy a ready-to-use company instead. 

Shelf companies are one of those ready-to-use companies investors can use to capitalize on. These companies are pre-registered, pre-setup, and not used at all. Third-party service providers usually pre-register businesses to resell them at a profit. The service provider relieves the investors of the time and hassle of starting a company from scratch and does it themselves. They later sell these companies for a price and process the buyers’ registration as new company owners.

Here are the top reasons why it would be better to purchase a ready-to-use company in Hong Kong.

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Own a Business at Shorter Processing Time

Speed is one of the significant advantages of a shelf company. Simply, you review the list of companies available and pick one that matches your ideal business idea. Once you have one that suits your vision and purpose, you only have to inform your choice to the selling agency, and they will transfer the company to you. It’s as easy as buying an item from the store.

This easy and shorter time processing of a shelf company is advantageous, especially if you have limited time to stay in Hong Kong. Many investors have this constraint, like the length of time your visa allows is limited. If time is one of your significant concerns in starting a business in Hong Kong, then acquiring a shelf company may be best for you.

Faster Bank Account Opening

One of the challenges of starting a business in Hong Kong is opening a business bank account. It is challenging to find a local bank in Hong Kong that easily permits a business account’s opening. However, acquiring a shelf company in Hong Kong solves this issue. 

Getting a bank account can be fast-tracked in this manner. Because the business is already registered and legally valid in the eyes of the law, you can easily schedule a bank account opening right away. As a result, you spend less time on jump-starting your business and focus on more crucial activities.

Allows the Owner to Focus on Business Functions

As purchasing a shelf company saves more time than starting one from nothing, you get more time focusing on important business matters. For example, you will get more time to carry out your marketing strategy to capture your target market. Or you can also focus more on hiring the right staff for your business.

Buying a ready-to-use business relieves you of the burden most business owners face upon starting a business. This decision allows you to run the business properly from the start.

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Look More Established From Outsiders

There may be a chance that the shelf company you have picked is registered a year earlier or earlier. This feature gives your company an older registration date. In turn, it gives your business a more established appeal from outsiders. Moreover, it adds a sense of longevity and confidence to you and your team. 

Own a Business in Hong Kong

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