7 Employee Motivation Ideas for Crisis Situations

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Every organization expresses concern towards employee motivation in crisis situations at the turn of unpredictable events. Employee motivation calls for evaluating and analyzing the past stands and renewing the current phases. Alissa Zucker, a paper writer at Mcessay, summarizes that in general, a good team leader starts with employee motivation as the ultimate tool to bridge the barriers that exists between the rough phases and employee morale.

There are lots of ways to handle and foster employee motivation during crisis situations with a tactical and skillful approach. Let’s look through some of the approaches.

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Get Everyone Together

Getting an in-person or online team together is a big step toward improving employee motivation. You can achieve this by setting forth activities that enhance team-building skills and working in unison. For example, an online escape room game is a terrific exercise that boosts team collaboration. Employees race the clock as they work together to solve clues to escape an ice palace or desert island. Incorporating fun events helps to improve team motivation and co-worker relationships.

Celebrate Recent Achievements

Another important exercise to foster employee motivation is to celebrate the recent achievements of the team or for that matter even the smallest achievement. It can include holding an event to felicitate hardworking people and to support workers by encouraging their thoughts and views.

Interact with Senior Management, Key Customers or Vendors

Employee motivation enacts to develop strong ties with the senior management by taking suggestions and improvising the standards. Employee motivation would cultivate a friendly approach and would pave better solutions to handle during crisis situations.  Employee motivation is highly regarded as a key tool and interaction enriched with experience eases out the arising complexities of the near future.

Build Communication within the Team 

Employee motivation begins with having proper and effective communication among team members. Lack of team support and coordination demoralizes employee motivation and causes a great deal of stress. Communication eases out the barriers and helps in employee motivation to hold the team together during tough times.

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Cooperation/Collaboration between Two Groups

Employee motivation can be encouraged by organizing team building activities like trekking, rock climbing and other such events to boost team spirit among the members.

Welcome New Thoughts and Ideas

It is by giving the much-needed support for employee motivation that the workers feel welcomed and encouraged to contribute to the success of the organization. The team leaders should welcome new thoughts and ideas from their subordinates rather than rejecting them outright. Respecting and honoring their work should form a primary objective to employee motivation and should be encouraged at all levels.

Pull Together for a New Strategy and New Direction 

On getting the team to work together, employee motivation involves adapting them to handle crisis situations with a calm composure.  Staying together and focusing on positive thoughts ignites employee motivation with maximum output. Moreover, it boosts up the employee motivation factor and strengthens the team spirit than ever before.