7 Free Android Spy Apps in 2020 [Latest Apps]

Rohan Mathew

 But if we look round, we’ll discover that Android is now the hottest portable operating system. In comparison to each other cellular operating platform, Android supplies users with much more features and customization choices. For example, to read someone’s text messages without their phone and many more fascinating features are available on Android. Not only customizations, but the program accessibility is also rather high on Android cellular OS.

Latest Spy Apps for Android You Must Know

  1. TheWiSpy Android Spy App

Ever wanted to catch somebody’s picture without understanding them?  This android spy app will be able to assist you in demand. Spy Camera OS provides a wise method to capture photographs using a hidden camera port. Nobody would ever see that you’re shooting the images whenever they’re working your smartphone.

  1. Ear Spy

This is a wonderful spy app to capture even very low voices. You simply have to set your mobile phone in another room and may listen to the voices of the room via your Bluetooth handset. This android spyware actually records the audio and amplifies its record and provide you the amplified voices that are clear.

  1. Ip Cam Viewer

This wonderful program allows to remotely control and view your own IP Camera, DVR, Network Video Recorder, traffic cameras, CCTV or even WebCam in an android device. In its new edition, you might even get the telling on discovering motion on the gadget. This android spy can automatically begin recording if it detects motion.

  1. Automated Call Recorder

This is just another very best spy app for android that someone can have in their Android smartphone. This program becomes automatically found whenever you create or receive any telephone. It records all of the conversation b/w speakers and the surrounding sound of the apparatus where it’s set up.

  1. Monitor Call Sms Location

This is just another fantastic spy app to monitor SMS, Photo, place, phone logs, and a lot more items within an Android apparatus. This may exact location of the targeted device via a web-portal even when GPS handicapped on your target device. The program includes all the three-day free trial alternative.

  1. Anti-Spy Mobile

Do not know if you’ve installed any spyware applications in your mobile phone? Use this program to immediately discover the spyware. The Android program employs innovative detection methods to detect malware that is new. Therefore, with this program, it is easy to protect yourself from Android spyware.

  1. Hidden Eye

Ever wanted to learn who attempted snooping in your telephone while you’re off. Your buddies or relative may have attempted to unlock your cell phone. Hidden Eye is a very simple program with no frills which will picture the individual when they attempt to unlock your cell phone.

  1. AppLock

Applock is your most downloaded program lock Play Store. Avoid unauthorized access and protect privacy. Make sure safety.

  1. Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer

It’s the sole dialer program you will ever need having the capacity to determine unknown callers and prevent unwanted calls. See names and photographs of individuals that phone, even when they are not stored in your phonebook. And know when buddies are free to speak, making your calling encounter smarter and more beautiful.


Take a brief look in the Google Play Store, you’ll discover programs and games for each different function on the market. On TheWiSpy, we’ve shared plenty of posts on android spy apps such as the very best utility programs, best audio programs, etc. Nowadays, we’re likely to cover yet another intriguing topic of Android.