7 Most Common Reasons For Divorce 

Albert Howard

7 Most Common Reasons For Divorce 

For more than four decades, there have been different perspectives about the purpose and meaning of marriage. The most popular one is that marriage is not a do-or-die affair.

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It’s no longer about having an elaborate wedding, but will the union be a lasting one?

It’s obvious that cultural shifts in attitude and behavior contributed greatly to the high divorce rate in our world today. Making the uniqueness of marriage less valued. 

A man or woman can walk out of a twenty years marriage with the excuse that ‘I no longer love him/her, therefore bringing about a divorce.

On this note, I will share with you seven common reasons for divorce, which have made some marriages not withstand the test of time. 


This is the most common reason for divorce. Couples in courtship tend to pretend by hiding their true character. Then when marriage happens, the problem begins. He/she starts exhibiting a new character that surprises their partner. From that moment, a gap was created in the level of trust they have for each other. After that comes arguments, ‘If I knew you were like this, I wouldn’t have married you.  


Marriage should not be based on physical attraction. It’s not love but an illusion of being in love. Getting married to this kind of mindset gives room for divorce within a short time of being married.

Marrying in a haste/high expectations 

Rushing into marriage because your friends are already married will only bring frustration. Not preparing yourself emotionally, intellectually, and mentally before darting into marriage pave the way for divorce.

Also, the comparison of spouses has led some marriages down the drain. Women have the habit of boasting about their husband’s wealth to friends, and when something happens to that source of income, they feel betrayed. Thereby asking their husbands for the legal dissolution of the marriage.

Absence of communication

The root of any successful relationship/ marriage is based on their level of communicating feelings to each other. 

In a changing world, where the likes of the internet have taken over, couples spend more time on their mobile devices than discussing with their partners.  Not talking about your likes and dislikes to your partner yields to resentment, which the final result is partition.

Lack of closeness

This is when the burning fire of intimacy has been quenched. Intimacy among spouses is what rekindles the love, passion, and desire that was there at the beginning of the marriage. Working class couples are at higher risk of getting divorced because of a lack of intimacy.


This is the downfall of most marriages around the world. The outcome of these actions (adultery) is anger, hurt, betrayal, hatred, depression, etc. Married men and women cheat without seeing anything wrong with it. 

The involvement of third-party 

Bringing third-party opinions into your home is the top way to divorce. Couples often seek advice from people, but when some opinions are put into practice, it becomes an issue in the marriage.