7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Fencing Contractor

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In 2019, only a third of reported cases involving property crime in the United States ended up with a prosecution. This a worrying trend considering the impact of theft on industrial and commercial premises. Have you been wondering how to avoid theft and property theft at work?

It takes the input of a fencing contractor to help you enhance deterrence. Once you put up a fence around the commercial area, you’ll be good to go. 

Could you be wondering how to get a reliable fencing contractor? These seven questions can help you probe the potential contractor thoroughly. 

Also, you can prefer Temporary Fencing that makes your place more secure and safe.

  1. Is Your Company Licensed?

Dealing with a business that has a license is more reassuring than engaging an individual. This is more so when paying payments. A license assures you that you are dealing with a legitimate entity. The government often goes to great lengths to ensure due diligence before offering a license. 

Are you wondering how to find a fencing contractor? Before engaging a fencing contractor, it’s integral to ask them for a valid license. If you are wondering how to avoid imposter during your next fencing project, asking for a license can help you make the right decision.

The growth of the fencing industry has also contributed to the emergence of imposters out to defraud you. The National Contractor License Service runs an updated list of licensed fencing contractors. If you are doubt, you can refer to this website for additional information. 

Also, prefer Security Fencing in your commercial place for safety & security purpose.

Turnstiles are also the best option for fencing that make your place more secure.

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  1. Is your Company Insured? 

This is among the most important questions to ask a fence contractor. A reliable fencing contractor should have both liability and worker’s compensation plans before you can engage them. Insurance will help protect you from any harm in case of accidents or injuries during the process of fencing.   

General liability insurance protects you in case of property damage. When fencing, there’s always a looming concern that damages may occur to nearby property. In other cases, workers working on the face may suffer injuries in the process of repairs or installation. When this happens, the liability can end up on your head. 

The best way to avoid such liability would be to deal with an insured fencing contractor. This will you avoid any costs related to injuries or accidents at the site. A reliable contractor should have adequate documentation that shows the company has both general and worker’s insurance in case of an accident. 

Temporary Fences to hire are one of the best choices for your commercial place to make your place more secure.

Also, prefer high security fencing to make your commercial place more secure.
  1. Is there Any Pending Legal Action Against You?

While this question may seem intrusive, it’s the only realistic way to get to know your potential fencing contractor inside-out. You may go ahead and search for any probable incriminating information about the company. If you gather that the fencing contractor has been in any past legal cases, you could consider looking for another option. 

A past or pending legal case can imply a shoddy craft at the end of the fencing company. This means that you need to ask questions regarding the company’s legal standing beforehand.  If the company has a pending case, try to inquire further to get a clear perceptive of the matter at hand.    

Contracting a fencing company that has a pending legal matter leaves you in a precarious state. If the case’s outcomes push this contractor out of business, you might end up with a half-baked fencing project. A contractor with an ongoing legal issue should be a turnoff as you look for a suitable candidate for the job. 

  1. When and How You Prefer Your Payments?

Payments can be a real deal-breaker when dealing with a fencing contractor. You can start by asking the contractor when they expect their payments. Some contractors prefer initial deposits before starting the fencing process. 

Such deposits may be up to 10%, depending on other factors. You may also need to consider different payment schedules and decide if they favor you. Before you commit to a specific payment plan, ensure you understand and agree to the set terms. If the terms for payment aren’t suitable, you can’t take the risk of making an initial down payment. 

How you make the payment also counts. For instance, will the contractor expect cash deposits or checks? This information is essential, given that it guides you towards settling for a fencing contractor who won’t frustrate you with untenable payment procedures. 

  1. How Long Have You Been in Business? 

Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that you are engaging a veteran in the industry. The only way to find how seasoned the contractor is could be by asking about their field experience. Knowing how long the fencing company has been in the market will provide you with an estimate of how well-versed they are with the fencing process.  

If the business has been in operation long enough, there should be evidence to support this fact. For instance, AngiesList.com provides a reliable list of credible fencing companies. If a fencing contractor purports to be seasoned, they should appear on this list.

Are you looking for a trusted commercial fencing contractor to help you fence your industrial fencing for your plant? A company that has been in business for five years and over qualifies as a potentially reliable fencing contractor. The only thing to avoid is dealing with briefcase fencing companies that have only been in existence for a few years. 

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  1. Do You Have Accessible Customer Reviews? 

Reputation is among the few things you must never miss when looking for a fencing contractor. A reputable company is one that has a list of credible customer reviews and referrals in favor of the company’s services. 

While some people try to forge online customer reviews, you could always make phone calls or visit a few sites where the fencing company was in charge. This way, you will have an idea if the contractor is reputable. Reviews can also be available online, especially on the contractor’s website.

  1. Do You Have a Physical Location?

Companies that offer services sometimes don’t prioritize having a physical location. Even so, you need to engage with a company that has an office where you can walk in and make inquiries or complaints. It adds a level of reassurance, knowing that the fencing company has a conventional office.  

Most companies with conventional offices provide the option of customized services. This is a crucial way to affirm that the fencing contractor is not a ghost company. 

Hire a Fencing Contractor Today 

When fencing your premises for commercial or industrial purposes, finding the right fencing contractor is imperative. The contractor needs to have the requisite experience, reputation, and capacity to deliver.

The only way to know if you are hiring the most reliable fencing contractor is to ask these seven questions. The process of probing will help you know the fencing contractor better. These queries will also ensure that you avoid engaging with frauds who are out to take advantage of you.

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