CBD Crystals & CBD Crumble: What’s the difference

Rohan Mathew

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The CBD market is showing no signs of slowing down. Innovation and evolution are becoming an increasingly fundamental part of CBD products, resulting in streamlined and enhanced experiences. Terpene infused CBD crystals and CBD crumble are one example of this continuing development. With brand new products constantly being made available to customers, it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of questions.

CBD companies have often used steam-distilling methods to extract aromatic, terpene-rich oil from fruits like tangerines, lime and grapefruit. While these oils are wonderfully flavoursome and beautifully scented, they were originally mixed with CBD isolate. This mixture resulted in a terpene content of around 90%, which tended to make the result overpowering. There is often a cackling that appeared after vaporising or dabbing that was a result of the impurities of the fruit. 

One such company that used this method was HighKind. After being unsatisfied with their results, the CBD brand has now moved to a steam distillation department in Spain. The end result was a clean, pure and flawless cannabis oil, with no crackling, that was made using the same famous CBD strains.

CBD crystals and crumble are a product that has benefited massively from this change. Beforehand, the vaping and dabbing CBD market was packed with two primary products: flavourless, 99% isolated crystal (which did not contain an abundance of terpenes) and CBD extracts that clogged up a variety of pens.With the entry of truly terpene-rich CBD into the market, there’s been no turning back. CBD crystals and crumble contain no THC, but maintain the full-spectrum standards and terpene abundant flavour profiles.

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What’s the difference between crystals and crumbles?

There are a few differences between CBD crystals and CBD crumble. Crumble has been shown to provide some uniquely aromatherapeutic benefits and can help a lot with stress, anxiety and pain relief. Terpenes and cannabinoids combine to increase the potency of the product (known as the entourage effect). Crumble also contains a distinct ‘hash’ flavour that resembles the cannabis plant. Crystals are in direct contrast to crumble, as they’re flavourless, colourless and lack any aromas.

What does full-spectrum mean?

The word ‘full-spectrum’ is used to define a CBD extract that contains a variety of compounds that work together in the product. CBD oil is still described as full-spectrum, despite the lack of THC. Regardless, full-spectrum CBD oil is an extract taken from the whole plant, which means you can experience the benefits of rich, natural terpene content, cannabinoids, minerals and a variety of essential vitamins. Isolated CBD, on the other hand, doesn’t provide you with those huge benefits, even when terpenes are put back.

The compounds previously mentioned are vital for making the most of your CBD experience. They work perfectly with your endocannabinoid system, which is the part of your body that is responsible for finding and triggering the benefits of CBD. If you’re going down the CBD isolate road, you’ll soon discover that most flavonoids are not present and are actively removed during the development process. The end result is a CBD product that lacks the terpene-rich benefits that come with full-spectrum CBD.

Missing out on the remarkable benefits that CBD can offer won’t do your experience justice.  A full-spectrum distillation process maintains all those natural and organic compounds that make CBD so enjoyable. If you’re looking for a place to start, don’t miss out on the revolutionary CBD crumble.

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