7 Reasons why acidic water is bad for you.

Rohan Mathew

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PH of water ranges from 1 to 14 .And 7 is natural PH of water. When the PH of water lowers from 7 it becomes acidic water. There are few factors which can lower the pH of water and make it acidic :

Decomposition of roots and trees

  • Microbes like bacteria

Acidic water can be caused by high levels of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide in water . Decomposition of plants can lower the PH of water and cause acidic water.  Acidic water can damage the plumbing system of your house because it causes corrosion of pipes , it forms blue spots in between your washroom floor tiles. Utilization of acidic water can lead you towards serious health issues.

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1:  Damages plumbing system

Acidic water causes corrosion of the plumbing pipes of your house. Due to corrosion metal ions dissolve in water .And leaching of metal ions of your plumbing pipes depends upon the amount of water flowing through pipes. Corrosion causes damaging of metal plumbing pipes of your house plumbing system. Presence of ions in water due to corrosion of pipes can cause harmful effects on your health. And leaching of metal ions causes an unpleasant smell to the water.

Acidic water can cause pinhole leaks in copper plumbing systems of your house which increases the number of copper ions in your drinking water and a large amount of copper in water causes different health hazards like kidney dysfunction ,nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and liver damage.

In regards to ensuring your health you should get a water filter with softener. Water filter works to filtrate water and water softener removes substance from water causing hardness of water.

2: Lose of teeth

Your mouth already contains some acids naturally . These acids are helpful in breaking down food and several bacteria.  When you drink acidic water, the acidic level of your mouth further increases which causes harmful effects to your teeth . And it can damage your soft gums too.

So acidic water decreases the PH level of your mouth and makes it more acidic which can lead to damage to your teeth. To protect your mouth from high levels of acidity and damaging of your teeth you should regulate the PH level of your drinking water. To maintain pH level of water you should look for an efficient water filter and water softener .

3: Lose of bones

Human body has a proper biomechanics of absorption and reabsorption of minerals. Absorption and reabsorption of minerals occur  by the help of circulation of water in your body. Water brings calcium and other minerals to different parts of your body and bones too. When you drink acidic water it decreases the absorption of calcium in bones because the low PH system affects the absorption property of calcium to your bones. And this is why your bones lose over a period of time. Regular consumption of acidic water can cause different health hazards and serious issues.

4:  Causes Gastrointestinal diseases

Acidic water contains different metals ions which can cause different health issues like diarrhea ,nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting.  When your drinking water contains zinc and copper you may get nausea and many gastrointestinal diseases. Water with low PH can cause stomach cramps and kidney diseases.

In regards to ensuring your health you should regulate the PH level of your drinking water. The only solution to maintain the PH of water is a water filter. It is important to consider water testing in regards to staying healthy.

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5: Risk for your young babies

The utilization of water with low PH or acidic water is a big risk for young babies. Their bodies absorb more nutrients and contaminants  than adults because of rapid growth.  Leaching of metal ions in your drinking water causes health issues for babies which leads to further complications. . It can cause kidney infection,  stomach cramps,  vomiting and diarrhea. These all diseases can prove fatal for your young babies’ health. Nobody should consume acidic water and especially young babies.

6: Exposes your body to heavy metals

Acidic water causes leaching of metal ions from water pipes and increases the number of metal ions in your body. It exposes your body to heavy metals. These metal ions can cause health complications.  If the presence or leaching of metal ions can damage your plumbing pipes and cause their corrosion then imagine what it can do to your body. A large amount of these metal ions can cause poisoning and infections and give unpleasant taste and smell to the water.

Acidic water includes the following minerals : Iron, Zinc, Copper and magnesium. And these are minerals that affect the human body.

To regulate PH level of water you should get a water filter with softener.

7: Increases number of contaminants in water

Acidic water causes death of  fish and other aquatic life and after death their decomposition occurs that increases the number of contaminants in water.  And due to an increase of contaminants, growth of disease causing microbes like bacteria and parasites increase. And due to the presence of contaminants in water you feel an unpleasant odor and irritating smell. The taste of water totally changes due to these substances.

Utilization of  acidic water causes several health hazards unfortunately.

Regulation of pH level of water is essential to stay healthy.

Conclusion :

Low pH level of water causes acidic water. Acidic water causes leaching of metal ions from water pipes of your plumbing system.  High amounts of ions cause several health issues for you.  You should regulate the pH level of water to stay healthy.  You can treat acidic water by using filters these filters help in neutralization of water’s pH . You can use magnesium or other elements like calcium carbonate to eradicate the acidity of water.

Corrosion of your plumbing pipes releases a number of metal ions in drinking water and it causes several  health hazards , so due to leaching of metal ions sometimes you need to change metal plumbing pipes with plastic pipes.