7 Ways That Learning English Can Boost Your Career

Rohan Mathew

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Why is the lack of English fluency considered a weakness in today’s world? Why do people around the world invest all their precious time and effort in learning English? Moreover, why have some countries recognised English as their second official language? If English has evolved into a global language ruling personal and professional spheres, how can you not learn English to achieve career growth?

The better you get with this foreign language, the better you shine in any career you may choose.  Simply because with English you have a tongue that will keep professional options always open. Among the tons of benefits that the English language holds, I’ve shared 7 key advantages that learning English can do to your career. 

  1. Attract Employees
  2. Impress Others
  3. Stay Informed
  4. Boost Workplace Confidence
  5. Build Wider Networks
  6. Travel/Work Abroad
  7. Get Promoted

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Attract employees

“Global business speaks English” says Harward Business Review. And companies hunting for the best talent will also check how well you can communicate to a diverse group of people ranging from suppliers to business partners. Although your subject expertise matters in getting a job, your good communication skills will be the first step to make yourself a favourite pick. If you can express clearly and fluently in English, half the job is done. Studies reveal that businesses show greater interest in hiring bilingual candidates. If your business English needs expert guidance, you could opt for an Advanced English Training.  No matter which nation you are working in, your English language will add to your chances of getting hired. 

Impress Others

Have you stood in wonder listening to a person speak English so effortlessly? Businesses involve an exchange of healthy conversations. While you deal with different people in your workplace handling English without a care in the world will add to your smartness. Knowing to carry English is also one way to set your standards in front of others. You might as well get ahead compared to other employees in your workplace. 

Stay Informed

The information hub of today’s world is the web and the language of web content is majorly English. If you are not good with your English, then updating your working trends and patterns are going to be tiresome. You will lose out on a lot of time translating this content into your native language. So, learning English is simply going to help you stay informed just in a matter of a few clicks. 

Boost Workplace Confidence

Work Life is all about overcoming little and big challenges every day. Coupling your knowledge and communication together will help you face these challenges with confidence. You do not fear making a risky move. If you have English together with your native language, you will never feel under confident. Especially in a professional setting, you need others to take you seriously, is it not? You do not want to be at the loss of words and damage your reputation. 

Build Wider Networks 

When communicating in English becomes your superpower, you connect with people easily. You do not think twice before sending a mail to your clients or simply chat with a colleague over a coffee. When you know how to express yourself that best matches any situation, friendships and networks come easily to you. People understand that you socialise better and slowly your sphere of influence expands. Your networks may also lead you to better positions in future. 

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Travel/Work Abroad

Good command over English makes you eligible to appear in exams like IELTS, OET or TOEFL. This opens a door to countries with a complete English speaking environment. 

Coming to those who are already employed, English fluency shows that you are suitable at showcasing a good company image. Employers tend to prefer such people to hold a meeting with global business partners, stakeholders or clients who are more comfortable speaking in English. You will be entrusted to travel abroad to bring in new projects. Your quality of English helps you persuade, negotiate and fix deals to grow your home company. 

Get Promoted 

The first step to getting promoted is performance. And the first step to excellent performance is proper communication. If your English language is strong you better understand and work to meet the demands of your job role. There is no language barrier to cross and no misunderstanding occurs as accurate information is exchanged. Such an employee is a company’s asset and is more likely to get promoted. So, what is the obvious advantage of a promotion? Yes, a high pay package. 

To sum up, as more and more businesses are adopting English language strategies, learning English is not only a good idea but a must. It’s a wake-up call for you. Take a closer look at the seven ways above to see how learning English in totality will make you an all-rounder professionally. Hurry, work to make your career future proof with the English language.