7 Ways to Increase Your Manufacturing Productivity

Rohan Mathew

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If you are honest with yourself, how efficient is your manufacturing productivity? Do you have gaps that you could tighten and areas that need improvement? Because in manufacturing, if you don’t improve and stay on top, then your competitors will.

You need to be at peak efficiency to compete in the saturated marketplace. Read on to find our 7 ways to increase your manufacturing productivity.

  1. Review Your Workflow

The first method is to review your workflow. Break this down into three areas; people, processes, and equipment. Check to see if they are all where they should be, and working efficiently in your process. 

Do people have clear objectives and correct skills? Have you mapped your manufacturing process and tried to eliminate bottlenecks? Is your technology up to date, or can you improve it to increase the workflow?

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  1. Invest in Training for Manufacturing Productivity

A little can go a long way with staff training. As the industry constantly changes, your staff can not be expected to stay abreast of developments unless you train them and keep them up to date. Show them how to work with and alongside technological advancements with regular training and updates. 

  1. Streamline Machinery

While it may not hinder manufacturing efficiency directly, unused machinery is a drain on resources and space. You could be spending money on maintaining a machine that is not being used. It could also be taking up an area that could be replaced by something much more useful. 

Streamline your machinery to make sure everything on your floor is contributing. The golden rule is that if it is not making you a profit, it needs to go. 

  1. Keep Expectations Realistic

Realistic, defined, and attainable goals are proven to increase worker efficiency. If your expectations are too high due to deadlines, production pressures, and the expectations of a client, then you risk running an operation that compromises other areas. These compromises will either come in the form of a dip in quality or safety. 

If this happens, staff become dissatisfied with their work and you will soon see production drop. Stay attainable, and outperform expectations instead of underperforming. 

  1. Stay Maintained

Maintaining your equipment should be of the highest priority. Not only can it break and cost you thousands in lost productivity, but it can also become dangerous for your operators. Even new equipment needs maintenance to keep it at an optimum level. 

Create a maintenance schedule or a logging system for faults and problems. Make sure staff are trained in troubleshooting problems. 

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  1. Buy Better Tools

Buying advanced equipment is costly, but it pays for itself in the long term. The industry is constantly moving, particularly in fast-paced sectors like sheet metal fabrication, and if you do not have the best tools, someone else will. Stay competitive by upgrading your machinery as and when you can.

  1. Communicate

Encourage communication in your workforce. Employees are there on the floor, working every day, seeing things that you may not, and one of these observations could drastically increase your manufacturing efficiency. Allowing open channels from your employees lets them communicate problems you may not even have been aware of.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Manufacturing productivity is essential if you are to stay ahead of the competition. Instigate our tips, streamline your process with the best training and equipment, then see how your business grows. 

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